10 Role Of Business Development Service You Must Know 

10 Role Of Business Development Services You Must Know

The number of business development service jobs is never getting down. A whopping 40,584 people are employed in the business development service sector in the US. 

A more exciting aspect is the gender ratio of employees in this department. 

This service offers different development. Although it is not equal, the male and female employee percentage in this sector is almost 1:1. 49.3% of employees in business development services are female, while 50.7% are men. 

The highest wage earned in this sector annually is $71,160. Employees working in business development services have sound careers. If you are planning to transition into this sector, then you should know all the responsibilities that come with being a business development service. 

This article will walk you through the necessary details. 

What Is Business Development Service?

What Is Business Development Service?

The key purpose of the business development service is to improve a business through different actions. People in this sector work with the marketing team, generate sales, forecast sales, negotiate with investors, and look for new ways to improve and expand the business. 

Their responsibilities span a wide range starting from creating a marketing plan to improving the company’s revenue. These employees sometimes also have to attend different business conferences and events and converse with the clients. 

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Roles Of Business Development Service

Roles Of Business Development Service
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Here are the roles of the business development service manager–

1. Developing Stakeholder & Customer Relationship

One of the many large responsibilities of a business development service manager is to develop a good relationship with the customers and the stakeholders. But it does not end there. They must also sustain the relationship to help the business nurture and grow.

Business development service executives always need to stay updated with the market trends and see the industry’s developments. Their work also includes understanding the business’s position in the market and understanding the corporate competitors. 

3. Analyzing Market data

Business development services exist to serve a business and to develop it in every aspect. However, that is not easy without analyzing market data. Data related to the customers’ reactions to the products and the business’s services are extremely important. Business development job holders have to analyze customer feedback data. It will help them understand if the customers are satisfied. It will help them improve their marketing strategy in the future. 

4. Recruiting Business Development Service Staff 

The workforce in the business development sector is growing day by day. New employees are joining the industry every month. One of the many roles of business development service workers is to recruit and train their kind. In addition, they take care of recruiting, training, and guiding new employees across different businesses. 

5. Offering Product Insight 

Business development salespersons and managers work to improve an enterprise. Their services range from improving the enterprise’s performance to offering the enterprise better access to the existing market. They also oversee and improve the company’s ability to improve. That is why they also get involved in modeling a product. They offer product insight and help analyze how the product can perform in the competitive market.

6. Help Reduce Cost And Increase Revenue

Whatever your job title for business development is, your responsibility is to develop the business. Sometimes, you might have to analyze market data to develop effective strategies to rescue production costs and increase revenue. That way, a business development service manager can increase the business profit. 

7. Helping The Business Expand 

Once the development and sustaining parts are done, business development service employees can help businesses expand. Yes, developing and sustaining the business is not the only work they have to do. They need to conduct thorough market research and look for new ways to expand the business. Business developers work to identify new business opportunities and come up with ideas to help the business expand across different directions. 

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8. Working Collaboratively 

Business development service managers and executives have to collaborate with different teams and executives. They cannot work alone. They often have to find out the most viable and cost-effective ways to pursue a new business. Business developers also work to see all the opportunities and risks of starting a new business. 

9. Attending Industry Events And Conferences 

As a business development service manager, you might have to attend different business events and conferences held in your respective industries. You might have to represent the business you are developing in the respective industry. 

10. Looking For Investors 

Another important role of business development service workers is to look for new investors who might be willing to invest. You will meet potential investors and present them with all the company offerings and negotiate for a good business deal. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are some popularly asked questions and answers about business development services –

Q.1 What’s The Difference Between Marketing And Business Development?

Ans. The work of marketing and business development are often confused as one. Marketers work to create and nurture customers, from creating awareness to the loyalty stage. They create and implement strategies within this stage alone. The business development executives work to improve the company’s revenue. 

Q.2 Is Business Development A Sales Job?

Ans. The business development team often has to work with both the marketing and sales team and help with revenue generation. In that sense, business development is a sales job to some degree. However, their job extends beyond only sales. 

Q.3 What Are The Five Stages Of Business Development?

Ans. This services work in serval stages to help a business grow and improve. Here are the five stages of business development –

a. Existence 
b. Survival 
c. Success 
d. Take-off 
e. And resource maturity


The team and executives’ roles and responsibilities range extensively inside a business’s system. For example, business development service managers are responsible for growing and extending the business they work for. I have detailed ten roles the business development service team has to fulfill. 

Did you find this article helpful? Let us know in the comment below. Also, if you want any answers, you can put your questions in the comment box. We will check it out soon enough. 

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