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How To Groom Yourself With A Trimmer And Why It Is Better Than Razor


Grooming has forever been an important task in the human lifestyle. It does not only enhance the outlook out also improves hygiene. Now, due to technological advancement, grooming has turned into a DIY task. These days, most people groom themselves with the help of gadgets like trimmers and shavers. 

A trimmer is a simple gadget with which you can clean all hairy parts of your body. Moreover, it allows you to shape the hairy areas. If you have bought it lately and have no idea about its usage, this article can provide you with the knowledge. All you need to do is read out the following points.

Trimmer: Overview

Trimmer Overview

A trimmer has been there in the market for years. However, earlier barbers used manual ones. All manual trimmers had clips and a row of interlocking blades. Nowadays, electronic gadgets come with a battery setup or an IC. Moreover, the manual trimmers gave some pain to the person used on, but with an electronic one, it is comfortable.

In case you are wondering about top-notch gadgets, consider buying a Philips trimmer. It is a small gadget and both chargeable and electric versions are available. Make sure to check the price of the trimmer for men before buying. At times, exciting offers on the e-commerce stores allow you to buy them at a low price. 

Grooming Procedure

This section of the article deals with the grooming procedure with a men trimmer. As a first-timer, you should always be careful while using it. Otherwise, you can get minor injuries. The best you can do is go through the following steps: 

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Step 1: Put Oil On Your Trimmer

Put Oil On Your Trimmer

You need to put oil on your trimmer to make sure it works in the perfect order. Always execute this step minutes before using it. You might not get the oil with the gadget so, purchase it separately.  

After applying oil to your trimmer, run it for some 30 seconds. Finally, wipe out the extra oil. 

Step  2: Shave Gently And Clean

 Shave Gently And Clean

The second step of using a trimmer is all about shaving. Now, there are certain facts to remember while executing it. Have a look at the points below:

Start Trimming From Long To Short: You need to trim from long to short hair. So, start with the biggest guard comb that comes with the gadget. In the case of chargeable gadgets, you should adjust the size of the guard by revolving the knob.

Shave Against The Grain: Always hold your trimmer upright and shave against the grain. This keeps your beard towards the blade, and you can get a clean shave up painlessly.

Change The Guard Comb Accordingly: You need to change the guard comb accordingly. While you learn how to use a trimmer, make sure to change/adjust the guard comb. This can not only give the right shape to your beard but add up the layers. 

Clean All The Strays: Often, people have some stray beard above the Adam’s Apple. Remember to clean it if you have it. In case you need to cut off the entire hair, take the size 0 on your product and clean it. 

Clean Your Trimmer Well: You need to clean your product well after every shaving. Remove the guard comb and shave it thoroughly.

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Reasons Why Trimmers Are Better Than Razors

Reasons Why Trimmers Are Better Than Razors

There are many reasons why trimmers are better than razors. If you have a good beard and are up for grooming it properly, read the points thoroughly:

Trimmers Are Soft: Mostly, the trimmers are soft on your skin, unlike razors. You might always feel the roughness on your cheeks using razors, but the scenario would not be the same with the trimmers. 

Trimmers Are Multipurpose: While you can apply razors on your face only, trimmers can shave any hairy part of your body. 

Time-Saving: The best trimmers in the market cuts your shaving time by several minutes. You can just cut all your facial hair in a single blow of your product in seconds. 

Handy Gadget: In case you are up for a trip, you can easily carry a trimmer in your luggage instead of an entire shaving set.

Considerations To Buy A Trimmer

Considerations To Buy A Trimmer

In case you have not purchased a trimmer yet but planning to buy one soon, consider the following points:

Price: When buying a trimmer, you should always check out its price. Generally, branded trimmers are more expensive than the local ones. 

Wired Or Wireless: Once you are good with the price, think if you want a wired gadget or a wireless one. If you are the one who moves a lot, the best choice for you would be a wireless one. 

Type Of Breard: Your choice of a good trimmer should be on the basis of the type of beard you want to keep. In case you want to keep a proper beard, take a set that contains multiple guard combs. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Which Is The Best Trimmer?   

Ans: The features in a trimmer varries minutely. So, you can buy the best trimmer from any brand like Syska, Panasonic, or Philips.

Q2. Which Trimmer Is Best For Pubic Hair?

Ans: There are many trimmers that you can apply for cleaning pubic hair. They are: 
JML Microtouch Titanium Solo
Balls Trimmer
BaByliss Super Multi Trimmer

Q3. Can We Use The Trimmer For Private Parts?

Ans: Yes, trimmers can be the best option to clean the private part. The only thing you need to check is whether the trimmer is soft enough for application on the sensitive area.

Q4. Are Trimmers And Clippers The Same Thing?

Ans: Trimmers and clippers look the same, but both have different blade sizes. While trimmers are best for beards, clippers act well on long hair.

Final Words

At present, the electronic market is full of shaving gadgets, and you can buy a trimmer easily. The best you can do is choose a top brand as it provides a good warranty and the products are quite durable. If you get a local trimmer at a cheaper rate, thoroughly check for the features and manufacturing defects before buying it.

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