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How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable? Check It Out!

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable

Facebook is no doubt one of the best and popular social media platforms with a plethora of users. Millions of people post new content every moment on this platform. In addition, some features of Facebook makes it more awesome and fun to use, such as likes, comments, reactions, share, and others. 

Share is a unique feature that allows users to share other people’s posts on their timelines or groups. However, you might have come across some of the posts where the ‘share’ option is not available. There are many reasons that can make the share button disappear from the post. 

Before we dive in to learn how to make a Facebook post shareable, let’s understand the function of the share option. 

What Is The ‘Share’ Button On Facebook?

“Share” is an option that you can use to share the posts of other people. However, there are some privacy settings available to make the posts limited to friends and friends of friends. If any user’s post is in public mode, you can share it with groups, timelines, and many other places. 

After sharing the post, your name and the post owner’s name will be visible to the viewers. It helps the actual owner of the post to get recognized along with you. In addition, it is an excellent way of spreading content to a broader audience. Most of the groups and pages want their video to be shared by people to increase the popularity of their group. 

Not only people but businesses also use the share feature to reach potential audiences and expand their area. In addition, it helps to increase brand awareness with every share. However, you might stumble upon some of the posts that do not have a share option. To share those posts, you need to know how to make a Facebook post shareable

If you want to make a Facebook post shareable, then here is some detailed information given below. But, first, let’s learn how to make a Facebook post shareable by you. 

How To Make A Facebook Post Shareable? 

Before posting anything, you need to know how to make a post on Facebook Shareable. To make your post sharable, follow these steps. 

1. Log in to your Facebook account and visit the home page. On the top, you will see the option “What’s on your mind?”. Click on it to get a pop-up window, and you will notice a small tab under your name. It is a security button that lets you change the post settings. 

2. You will get six options available in the settings such as public, friends, friends except, specific friends, only me, and custom. 

  • Public – The post is sharable by everyone on Facebook in groups, pages, and other places 
  • Friends – Only your friends will be able to share the posts on Facebook 
  • Friends Except – You can add some friends who will not be able to share the post. Except for them, all your friends will get the share option available. 
  • Specific Friends – The post can only be shared by those you will add to the list, and other friends will not get the share option.
  • Only Me – This setting will restrict everyone else to share your post on Facebook, but you 
  • Custom – This is similar to the specific friends’ option. In this option, you will be able to make a list of particular people who can share the post.

3. Choose the public option to make all of your posts sharable by people. You can also select the other options based on your choice to make the post sharable by specific people. 

If you want to make a post sharable even after posting, you need to find the post’s privacy settings under your name. You will find a small icon there; click on it to get the security section to appear. Then, click any of the options to update the security settings of the post and make it shareable. 

You can also share a post outside Facebook by making the post public from security settings. After making the post public, copy the URL from the address box and share it outside Facebook. 

Post Sharing From Friends, Pages, And Groups 

While going through the Facebook feed, you might stumble across some excellent posts from your friends. If the posts do not have any share option, you have to check the post’s settings. Whether you can share the post or not entirely depends on the privacy settings of your friend.

If they have locked their profile and changed the privacy setting of their posts, then you might not be able to share their posts. In that case, you will need to contact your friend to change the post’s privacy settings. 

If they change the setting and allow friends to share the post, you will share it. Changing the privacy settings helps in most cases to get the answer of how to make a facebook post shareable


Make your posts sharable by following the information mentioned above. Then, go through all the details to know about different privacy settings and share options to learn more.

It will help others to share your post and make them popular around pages and groups.

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