How To Remove Security Tag From Clothing?

How To Remove Security Tag From Clothing?

You will always find a tag attached whenever you go to a shop to buy some new clothes. Only after you buy it and checkout will the shopkeepers remove the tag using a unique device. However, they might forget to do so if there’s a huge crowd. For such situations, you must learn how to remove security tag from clothes.

If you face this situation, you have come to the right place. In this post, you will learn how to remove these clothing security tags without damaging the cloth.

What Is a Security Tag?

What Is a Security Tag?
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As the name suggests, a clothing security tag is a special type of transmitter. If you go shopping for new clothes from bigger departmental stores and malls, you will notice that many of the clothes have tags with a bulge on them. These tags are known as clothing security tags.

These tags have special ink on them. If anyone forcefully tries to break it, the ink will spill over the cloth, ruining it in the process. The only way to remove them is by using a special detacher, which shopkeepers only own.

How To Remove Security Tag From Clothing?

If you wish to learn how to remove a clothing security tag, there are many ways to do so. Here are eight ways to do so.

1. Use A Rubber Band

Rubber bands are one of the best ways to remove a security clothing tag. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, place the security tag face down, with the ink cartridge facing down. This cartridge is the jutting-out part of the tag.
  2. Next, pull the tag away from the cloth as far as possible.
  3. Then, place a rubber band around the security tag and pull it a bit so that it can start loosening up the security tag.
  4. Now, start pulling the security tag from the cloth.

2. Use A Screwdriver

You can use a screwdriver to remove the security tag from the new cloth you purchased. Here, you must use a flat-head screwdriver. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  1. First, place the cloth on the floor with the security tag on top of it. Ensure that the ink cartridge faces upwards.
  2. Then, use the screwdriver alongside the ink cartridge and tank it upwards until it falls off.
  3. Once the cartridge falls off, you will see a paper lining made of silver underneath it. Here, use the screwdriver to lift this metal plate.
  4. After you pull off the metal plate, you will see a screw underneath it. Simply unscrew it, and the tag should come off.

3. Make Use Of Magnetic Force

Since the security tag is made with metals, magnets will always forcefully attract it toward itself. Therefore, using a strong magnet (preferably rare earth or hard drive magnet), you can do the same with security tags.

Here, you simply need to pull the round/dome part of the security tag upwards with a magnet. If the magnet is strong enough, it should come off.

4. Freeze The Tag

We all know that freezing things can weaken them if they are metals. Therefore, freezing clothing security tags can weaken them significantly since they are made with metals.

To do so, put the whole cloth and the security tag inside your freezer for an entire night. The next day, pull the security tag, and it should come off quickly. The benefit of this technique is that the ink won’t spill since it’s already frozen.

5. Use A Needle-Nose Plier

As the name suggests, you will need two needle nose pliers to learn how to remove the security tag. However, this will only work on rectangular or angled security tags, not with the circular ones.

Here’s what you need to do to learn how to remove security tag from clothes:

  1. Place the security tag in a way that keeps the ink cartridge facing upward.
  2. Next, take both the needle nose pliers and grip both sides or opposite angles of the symmetrical security tag.
  3. Now, bend the security tag with the pliers with as much strength as possible. This should pop the ink cartridge and loosen the pin inside it.

6. Force Your Way Through

If the tag attached to your new cloth is electromagnetic, you can remove it easily with just your bare hands in a test of strength. However, you might still need a rubber band for extra tenacity and support. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. First, place the rubber band between the cloth and the security tag, and wrap it tightly around it.
  2. Now, bend the tag back and forth until you break the security tag.
  3. Next, you need to pull the attached tag until the screw inside slips through it.

7. Burn It To Ashes

To decimate the security tag, you must fight fire with fire (pun intended). Here, you just need to burn the topmost bulge of the tag, which stores the ink inside.

When you are burning the tag, you must do so in a way to ensure that the burnt residue or the ink doesn’t spill on the cloth. Therefore, I recommend doing so near a sink so the residue can fall directly on it.

8. Nail It

Nailing the security tag can be a great way to remove it, harkening back to our primitive roots. To do so, you only need a large nail with a big head the size of a coin and a hammer to nail it through. With the nail and your new cloth in hand, start following these steps below:

  1. First, pull the security tag away from the cloth a few times. Do so until you see it is becoming loose.
  2. Next, take a hammer and nail the edges of the tag until it pops in two. This is best done by keeping the tag sideways and hammering it from the top.

Tag No More!

This post helped you learn how to remove security tag from new clothes. There are many ways to do so, including using rubber bands, screwdrivers, and needle nose pliers. In addition, you can hammer it with a nail, use a magnet, and even freeze or burn the tag!

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