What Is Past Life Reading? Check It Out

Past Life Reading

Although you might have heard about past life reading, it is still unclear what it is and other details. The past life reading concept is not clear for many people like you. It is shown in movies very often, but the process is not as easy as that. In fact, it is far different from the films as it does not let you know who you were in your past life. 

Deja vu is a common incident that happened to everyone at some moment in their life. It might be from your present life or the influence of your past life. Even though your physical body is temporary, the soul is not. So, you might carry some memories, knowledge, and lessons from the past life that affect the current one. 

This is where a past life reading comes in and helps you to know more about past life and get rid of vegetative factors. You can get plenty of past life readers available around. However, keep in mind that all of them are not skilled and might be just a scam to take your money. 

There is no way for you to know the truth about them except their reputation. So, choose your past life reader wisely. You can find some online websites where you can input information like birth date, month, year, time, city, and country to find out the details about last life lessons. 

What Is Past Life Reading? 

The primary goal of past life reading is to find out about all the incarnations in past lives. Some of the things that you will get to know include events, places, dates, people who played essential roles, family members, and others. It will help you to understand how it affects your present life and fixes it. 

Many skilled past life readers can help you know the details and fix any issues. They can heal all the negative patterns of past life that are influencing your current life. One of the crucial things in past life reading is Karama. It has played a vital role in all the incarnations in the past. 

It is one of the things that balance your experience in different lives. For example, if you have lived as a rich person and maintained a lavish lifestyle without respecting anyone else, you might have to keep the balance in this life. The universe finds its way to keep the balance and help you learn every side. 

A past life reader goes deep into the past to know all the experiences of past lives. Your goal is to make the soul more enlightened both mentally and emotionally. However, do not expect to learn many details such as your name, the name of family members, and others. 

The Process Of Past Life Reading 


To perform a past life reading, you will need to visit psychics with abilities. All of them have different skills from one another. You can find many free past life reading services, but make sure to choose one very carefully. As mentioned earlier, you can attend this reading in person or via chat, email, phone, and websites. 

In the process of past life reading, the psychics need a lot of concentration and energy. It is tough to get into past lives by tapping on energy. Not only you, but it can be quite an emotional experience for the psychic who is performing it. Anything you might have gone through in the past lives will be experienced by the psychic. 

So, psychics need to clear the energy before any reading. The past life reading is not what is shown in movies. You will not get chronological events of your past lives. The reader can jump to any point of your past life like younger self, adult self, or child. There is no way to determine where someone will end up during the reading. 

You might find some connection to the events of the past during the reading. Most people experience the effects of past lives in their present life. So, you will easily recognize the events of your past lives from your fragment of experience. Also, the memories that you get during the reading might be connected to any recent dreams. Many people find memories during past life reading, which are similar to their dreams. 

At the end of the reading, your psychic will analyze all the lives and the events of the past. Then, based on the connection to present life, they will guide you to navigate better in this lifetime. It will help you to get insights into your specific phobias, fears, thoughts, repeating patterns, and others. If there are any negative patterns available in your current life, they will help fix it up. 

What Is The Difference Between Past Life Readings And Regression? 

Although many people think that past life reading and regression are the same things, they are very different. You can learn about your past and understand how they affect the present life in a past life reading. On the other hand, past life regression is watching and experiencing the past. 

It is much more intense compared to past readings and might not be suited for everyone. Also, it would be best if you chose a very experienced professional for the past life regression processes to avoid being traumatized. Compared to them, past life reading is more manageable and easier that helps to navigate your present life. 

It is always better to start with a past life reading to know some of your past lives’ surprises. Beginning with the past life regression session can be very serious for some people based on what they observe in their past lives. 


Here is everything that you need to know about past life reading. Then, go through the process and differences to learn how it can help your present life and more. 

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