What is predictive dialer?

What is predictive dialer

A predictive dialer is an automatic system that eases the outbound call process. In the present era, the vitality of outbound calls has increased much due to the development of telecommunication. Moreover, it has a lot of outstanding features and advantages that you can learn from reading this article.

So, you can go through all the points given in this article and learn about this special type of dialer. This can be of your help if you belong to the telesales industry or desire to open your own BPO firm anytime soon. For now, check out the points given below:

Predictive Dialers: The Definition

The predictive dialer software is a unique setup that is made with the aim of boosting production in an outbound call centre. It works in a similar manner to a robodialer.

It has the ability to call random numbers from the database list and even transfer them to the live agents when they become available. As a result, the company can ensure that no agents go idle for too long when the business is on.

Every modern predictive dialer system has got the ability to reject calls that come with busy signals. Moreover, they also reject the voice mails and the no-answer calls. As a result, the agents get the calls of people who are willing to take a sales call.

Well, it has been thirty years that the predictive dialers have been ruling the market. In the initial phase, this mechanism supported the banks. The banks used this mechanism for calling the debtors.

Nowadays, call centres use predictive dialers mainly. Apart from them, you can find this mechanism in the banking sector. Larger organizations dealing with calls integrate the system with the CRM to visibly access the call matrices.

Working Process Of Predictive Dialers

Working Process Of  Predictive Dialers

The predictive dialer is named so due to its predictive ability. Unlike automatic dialers, they can understand the time when an agent is open to taking a call.

Most mechanisms run on a set of algorithms that smartly decodes the time when it would be perfect for placing a call in front of an agent.

The “pacing algorithm” is the prominent one that calculates the phone call lengths, taking into account the average lengths of the calls. Now, as the auto-dialers are able to make multiple calls at a time, each call gets one or the other agent.

In case the system works properly, there would be a little downtime in case of all agents making outbound sales calls in an organization. Moreover, as an owner of the BPO, you can track the production of the organization quite easily.

Finally, you can rely on the best predictive dialer system that they can slow down when finding most of the agents are busy on the calls.

As the dialer system works in this process, any BPO organization can work on multiple sales campaigns.

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Predictive Dialer: Benefits

Predictive Dialer Benefits

There are a lot of benefits of predictive dialers. Here, you can go through the points and understand them better. As you have already known what is a predictive dialer, going through these benefits, you would more likely be convinced about using it.

1. Enhances Time Utility

Time is one of the vital parameters on which the success of a business depends. The predictive dialer enhances the utility of time in an outbound BPO setup. The presence of such auto dialer software minimises the chances of the wastage of time. 

Moreover, the setup can detect the correct time to call the customers. Again, it can specifically call the targeted customers for different sales campaigns. As a result, the number of successful sales in a company increases dramatically.

2. Cuts Down The Chances Of Human Error

Human errors can be dangerous for any business process, and the outbound BPO process is no different. In such a situation, a predictive dialer can always help. It restricts the agents from placing calls on wrong numbers, which can result in a wastage of time and resources.

3. Ensures Cost-effectiveness

Any BPO company can save a lot of money as it can always keep up the level of production. In case it drops, the flow of money in the IT field can go waste. So, you can count this as yet another benefit of the predictive dialer mechanism. 

As an owner, you might not need to hire more employees to boost the production, but you can make them work seamlessly during the entire working hours.

4. Great Boost On Overall Productivity

As you have seen all the above points, it is obvious that the overall productivity of an organization would improve due to the presence of a predictive auto dialer.

Drawbacks Of Predictive Dialer

There are no such drawbacks present in the predictive dialer. However, it fails to provide insights into the call. As a result, the call quality checker cannot automatically understand whether a specific call is able to bring a perfect sale or not.

However, the integration of CRM can provide the solution to this problem in larger entities. On the other hand, proper auditing can also help the organization understand facts about the call. As a result, counting the number of successful sales calls can become easier.

Smaller BPO startups might not access these comforts although but their aim should be to invest in better mechanisms to improve the infrastructure.

As a result, each BPO must invest in a proper predictive dialer system and choose a setup that best fits the organization in terms of convenience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Q1. What Is The Difference Between A Predictive Dialer And An Auto Dialer?

An auto-dialer is automatic, but it is not much smart as a predictive dialer.

Q2. What Is The Difference Between Predictive And Progressive Dialer?

A predictive dialer places a call to any agent in an organization who is free. At the same time, the progressive dialer places a call to a specific agent who is free.

Q3. What Is The Best Predictive Dialer?

You can rely on the PhoneBurner dialer as it has a good reputation.

Q4. Is Ring Central An Autodialer?

Yes, Ring Central has auto dailing abilities.

Final Words

In the current industrial world, the predictive dialer can be a vital support system for organizations that has to do outbound calls. Amazingly, it supports the organizations like banks and even schools.

Again, modern eateries can use this for their sales. It all depends on the business owner if he installs the system in the office. It is legitimate as he can get a chance to enjoy the four prominent benefits while dealing with the only drawback. If you are planning for a predictive dialer, you can always expect your organization to grow.

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