Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website?

Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who've Previously Visited Your Website

Question: Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website?

  • Device targeting 
  • Demographic Targeting 
  • Remarketing 
  • Interest category targeting 

Answer: Remarketing 

Targetting or retargeting customers is not easy. There are different targeting options, and not all of them work the same for your audiences. For instance, you can’t use the same targeting option for your new audience and for the audience who has recently visited your site. 

In this article, I have answered your question with a detailed explanation regarding the correct answer. You also have an explanation regarding why the other answers are not correct. 

Which Targeting Option Can Help You Reach People Who’ve Previously Visited Your Website?

The right answer to this question is Remarketing. Here is an explanation regarding why remarketing is the right answer. 

Right Answer: Remarketing ✅


Businesses market their products to people who have visited their websites without purchasing anything from them. This clever method allows you to associate with your previous visitors.

Remarketing aims to show advertisements to people who have previously utilized your different applications. Your remarketing campaigns introduce those audiences to different and new important promotions about your products.

When remarketing products or services to your old visitors, your campaign shows ads to people who visited your site through mobile apps or through websites. So, when your audiences leave your site without purchasing anything, you can reconnect with them by showing them relevant ads about your business products. 

A business cannot engage with audiences who have visited their site previously using the rest of the targeting options. Remarketing is the only way to get the attention of your audiences, who leave without any purchase. 

Device Targeting ❌

Device targeting

As a digital marketer, you can target your audience based on the device they use. Especially in the Google ads ecosystem, you can make bid adjustments based on the devices they use.

You can make bid adjustments for mobiles, computers, and tablets. Marketers can also make advertisements targeting audiences who are using smart televisions, gaming consoles, and different connected devices.

Device targeting allows marketers to target audiences using different electronic devices. This targeting option, although good for targeting audiences, is not specifically for remarketing to past website visitors. If your purpose is to convert your past website visitors, you need to use remarketing campaign, not device targeting. 

Demographic Targeting ❌

Demographic Targeting

Suppose your intention is to target the audience who visited your site before demographic Targeting will not help you. This type of marketing is a type of segmenting your marketing campaigns. With such marketing, you promote your products according to the buyer’s persona.

Through such marketing, You can show ads to different segments of your audience. For instance, age, gender, age, religion, ethnicity, income, education, family size, and location. According to different segments, you can choose to show ads to different markets. 

Like device targeting, demographic Targeting is also not suited for marketing to audiences who visited your site before.

Interest Category Targeting ❌

Interest Category Targeting

Another targeting option is based on the interest of the customers. This type of marketing allows marketers to show ads to specific audiences with interests in specific categories.  

There are many audiences who have an interest in a specific category of product or service. Such interests might be based on entertainment, family, business industry, fitness and wellness, fashion, and shopping.

Again, like the rest of the options for targeting your customers, interest-based targeting limits targeting a specific base of users. Interest category targeting can help you target a specific base of audience. But you cannot target audiences who leave your site without a purchase through interest category targeting. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

I hope that you have found the right answer to your queries. However, if you need further explanations, the following questions and answers can help you

Q1. How Do You Target Your Audience?

Ans- If you want to target a specific audience, you can follow these tricks.
⦿ First of all, you need to analyze the base of your customer.
⦿ Research about the market.
⦿ Identify who your customers are.
⦿ Analyze the competition in the market.
⦿ Create a buyer’s persona.
⦿ Define your target audience.
⦿ Continuously revise your audience.
⦿ Use analytics tools.

Q2. What Are The Three Marketing Objectives That Can Be Met Via Targeting On Google Display Ads?

Ans- Google Display ads can help you meet three main marketing objectives –
⦿ Building awareness.
⦿ Influencing consideration.
⦿ Driving awareness.

Q3. What Are 3 Retargeting Strategies?

Ans- Here are some most efficient retargeting options that can help you–
⦿ You can retarget based on the shoppers’ site navigation.
⦿ Audience segmentation also helps.
⦿ You can focus on search terms.

Q4. What Are The Types Of Target Audiences?

Ans- There are different types of targeting options based on different types of customer targets. Such Targeting can be based on demography, interest, and the audience’s use. As a marketer, you can use examples such as
⦿ Age
⦿ Gender
⦿ Interests
⦿ Likes
⦿ Dislikes
⦿ Behaviors
⦿ Habits

Q5. What Is Website Targeting?

Ans- You can target keywords and leave everything to data to decide where to run your ads on. But, you can use site targeting instead. Using site targeting, you can list real URLs and website pages that you want your ads to appear on. It is more specific and does not leave your Targeting to chances.

Bottom Line

When aiming for people who have previously visited your site, the best targeting option is remarketing. Out of the four options cited with the question, remarketing is the only viable option. The other options are not correct. The correct answer is remarketing.

I hope that you got the answer to your question. However, if you have any other queries, you can leave your queries in the box below.


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