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Which User Characteristic May Not Be Used To Change Keyword Bids In Google Ads

which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads?:

Which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads?


  • Option A: Device
  • Option B: Location
  • Option C: Ad preference 
  • Option D: Time of day 

The right answer to “Which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads?” is “Option C: Ad preference.” You might be wondering why this one is the right answer among all the other ones. Here is the explanation that will help you to know why.  


Bid adjustments allow showing the ads based on when, where, and how people search. The ads are shown less or more frequently. Ad preference does not come under this because the information is only available to Google. Even if you want to, you can’t use the Ad preference of the customer to change the keyword bids. 

They do not share this information with the advertisers. So, it is almost impossible to get your hands on them. Google only uses ad preferences to show similar types of ads that the customers are interested in. On the other hand, on the bid adjustment, a click is worth a lot when the source of it is a smartphone from a specific position or time of the day. 

So, you might have got an idea why “ad preference” is the right answer to “Which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in Google ads?” However, to understand it in detail, you need to know many other things. So, here are some other things are given below in detail about them. 

What Is Bid Adjustment? 

If you are a beginner, then you need to know how bid adjustments of Google Ads work. It allows you to choose where, when, and how the ads will show. Therefore, it helps you to get the freedom and flexibility to set your ad and get a better ROI (Return On Investment). However, if you plan to optimize your Google Ad campaign based on only the performance of keywords, you need to connect with the targeted audience

For example, if you think that your ads are performing well on smartphones, you can increase your ad’s bid by 30%. So, if you are sure about the result, then it is worth it. Apart from the device, you can also show ads to people based on their location and time. This can be valuable to advertisers who know when the clicks are coming or from where the clicks are coming. 

This will help you understand the answer “which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in google ads.” Advertisers use bid adjustments to increase the ROI, and the calculation behind them is very complex. However, now that you know what bid adjustment is let’s move on to find out what ad preference is. 

What Is Ad Preference? 

What Is Ad Preference 

As the name suggests, Google tries to show you ads based on your interests, searches, and others. You can change the ad preferences anytime you want and change the list of activities as well. So, you will be able to see the ads more accurately based on the interests you want. 

You can easily change your Google Ad preferences from your Google account. Unlike bid adjustments characteristics like when, where, and how, the information of activity or interest of the customer is not available to advertisers. It is only available to Google and the users. Also, they can change their preferences anytime they want. 

Apart from changing them, they can turn them off as well. There is no option available to stop the advertisers from learning how, when, and from where they are clicking their ads. So, both of them are very different, and the authority is restricted when it comes to ad preference. It might have helped you learn why ad preference is the right answer to “which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in Google ads?

Frequently Asked Questions: 

Q1. What Are My Google Ad Preference? 

To find it, you will first need to visit your Google account. Visit the navigation panel and click on the “Data & Privacy” option. Now, scroll till you find the ad settings panel. From there, turn on the ad personalization if it is turned off. Under the section “How your ads are personalized, you will find the personal interests or info. 

Q2. How Are My Ads Personalized? 

Your ads are personalized based on your activity and the information that you are providing to the Google account. However, you can edit and see the activities from the “My Activity” tab. The ads will be based on the default account when you are signed into Google with multiple accounts.

Q3. What Is Bid Adjustment? 

Bid adjustment is the percentage of decrease or increase in the bids. A bid adjustment helps you show ads less or more frequently based on when, where, and how people are searching. You can edit the bids based on the performance of the ads to improve the ROI. In addition, it makes it easy to get paid $1 per click

Q4. How Do You Do A Bid Adjustment? 

Bid adjustments are made by percentages. For example, if you have a $1 bid, you want to decrease it to $ 0.80. You have to decrease it by 20%. 


Find out the answer to “which user characteristic may not be used to change keyword bids in Google ads?” Find the answer with the explanation that will help you to understand. Apart from that, you will also find out other information regarding the bid adjustment. If you like it, make sure to share it with others. 

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