Your Ad Can Show To A Potential Customer When Your Targeted Language Matches:

Your Ad Can Show To A Potential Customer When Your Targeted Language Matches

Your Ad Can Show To A Potential Customer When Your Targeted Language Matches: 

  • The customer’s browser setting
  • The customer’s Google interface language setting 
  • The customer’s operating system language 
  • The language of websites a user visits most often 

The right answer is The customer’s Google interface language setting 


Wondering why this is the right answer among all the other ones? For example, suppose you sell green tea online to target customers who speak Hindi. If the language setting for the customer interface is set in English, then Google will not show any ads if they are searching in Hindi. 

On the other hand, if the customer interface language is set in Hindi and the customers are searching in the same language, then your ad will show. However, the search needs to contain a keyword to show your ad with the result. So, instead of setting up your Adwords campaign customer language interface in the Hindi language, try to target all the languages

You have found out the right answer of your ad can show to a potential customer when your targeted language matches: the customer’s Google interface language setting. But you need to know more than that to understand it better. Here are some details about this 

What Is Language Targeting? 

What Is Language Targeting

Before knowing all the details about it, you need to know the basics first. One of the most important things that you need to know is what language is targeting. If you are trying to communicate with others who do not understand or speak the language, getting your message delivered to them might be challenging. 

The things are very similar when you are advertising using Google ads. You have to make sure that the language of the ads is getting delivered to the right customers. It will help them to understand the ad. On the other hand, if an ad with a specific language is delivered to people who do not speak them, then you will both lose your money, time, conversation, and opportunities. 

This is where the language targeting feature comes in very handy. It lets you target the specific ads to customers based on their geographic locations and language preferences. It enables you to target the ads to the potential customers who are using third-party websites and Google products based on their understandable language. 

If you do not want to get caught in this process and make the mistake of showing different ad languages to different customers, it is best to choose multi-language targeting for your business. 

How Language Targeting Works? 

You have to try to communicate with people in the language they understand. Otherwise, you are spending the money and time for nothing. The chance of getting leads decreases a lot when the ad language is different and not understandable for the targeted customers. 

It allows you to choose the language of the websites where your ads will appear. They will only show the ads to customers who use the same language as the set language to search for products. However, keep in mind that AdWords do not translate the keywords or ads. 

When you target people who speak other languages, some words might have different meanings based on regions, cultures, and others. For example, you are a website owner about salaries in the U.S. and want to target customers who speak Spanish. You have to enter all the keywords in the match type field of Google and change the input language option to Spanish. 

So, the ad will be shown to people who are searching for a related topic in Spanish. If they enter “Pago” or “Salario,” Google will show the ads. This is why you need to enter keywords in other languages except for English on the landing page of the website

Multiple Language Targeting

Multiple Language Targeting 

Having campaigns in different languages might be a good option for small businesses or businesses that operate in a limited area. However, when you are a global advertiser, it can become tough for you to reach customers with campaigns in different languages. But you can take the help of multiple languages targeting to reach all the customers easily. 

It helps you to expand the global reach from campaign-level targeting customers to Bing Ads language support. Here are some of the benefits of multiple language targeting that you need to know before choosing it. 

Multiple Language Targeting Benefits 

1. Flexible Updates

One of the essential benefits of making multiple languages a better choice than others is the flexibility in an update. With the help of this, you can choose any language set to update at any time. Thus, even when the campaign is active, you can still update the selected languages at any time. 

2. Increase Customer Reach

Increase Customer Reach

It is needless to say that multiple languages can help your ad to reach many more targets. Without it, you will need to gain customers from each area individually with different language ads. It helps to gain a lot of ad impressions, queries and increase the reach. You will be able to make your ad reach many places without any issues. 

3. Easier Impost Though Platforms

Campaign-level multiple language targeting makes importing the campaigns from the Google ads or Bing ads very easy. It will import all the different languages that are supported for the campaign and set it. 

4. Improve Customer Satisfaction

Improve Customer Satisfaction

When you are serving the ads in different languages, it gives you the opportunity to improve the quality of the ad. Also, it helps the customers to get good customer satisfaction. 


One of the most common answers to a question people look for is “your ad can show to a potential customer when your targeted language matches:” You can get the answer available here along with the explanation. However, there is much other information provided about language targeting that will help you understand it better.

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