What Is The Business Management Apprenticeships – Things You Should Know

What Is The Business Management Apprenticeships - Things you should know

If you are thinking of trying out business management apprenticeships, then you are on the right path in your career. These apprenticeship courses allow you to better manage a business and help you oversee teams of people, and keep your customers happy. 

The most interesting thing is that your career opportunity ranges widely across different businesses. You might be helping to run great projects at BT, or you might be working with fun and creative businesses where you help with their social media. 

So, are you ready to take a business management apprenticeship course? Before you decide, Let me tell you a few things about this specific career opportunity. 

Here is a complete breakdown of what a business management apprenticeship is and what are its different types. I have detailed all the skills you need and the different opportunities you have after doing a business management apprenticeship. 

What Are Business Management Apprenticeships

What Are Business Management Apprenticeships

A business management apprenticeship is an apprenticeship where you learn to a successful business. You will have training institutions like colleges providing you with an apprenticeship course. That is not all; you also get a job where you can apply all the knowledge you gain from these courses. Business management apprenticeships are done on three levels. For example –

  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • And higher level. 

The courses provide you with the skills and offer you jobs so that you can earn a salary while also gaining skills and experience. Most interestingly, you can apply directly from your school or your college. 

Also, when it comes to applying for a permanent job, you will be able to add more experience and skills to your CV, giving you an edge over the competition. 

Benefits Of Business Management Apprenticeship

There are more benefits to gaining a business management apprenticeship than you might have thought of. Here is a brief detail of all the benefits you get after taking these courses. 

Multiple Job Choices 

With a degree apprenticeship, the chances of you land a good job becomes easier. Why? This degree opens up a wide range of opportunities for you. You can go into engineering, or you can become a master in the PR department. 

But the opportunities can be even more extensive, helping you land jobs that you never imagined. 

Direct Job Opportunities

With an apprenticeship in business management, there is no workaround. You can get down to business as soon as you are finished. You can do business apprentice management jobs; you can design billboard posters or work in a completely different professional setting.

Earn Instead Of Paying Debt

Not many courses offer an opportunity where you get paid for training. On top of that, a job is ready and assured for you after you finish your training. This is one of many benefits of business management apprenticeships students love. 

Get A Degree While Working

You can gain your degree from the workplace. I know that this is not easy in all workplaces. Also, you can go for higher apprenticeship degrees. 

You Don’t Need Amazing Graded

That’s right; you don’t need to have an amazing grade card to get into the universities offering business management apprenticeships. You can easily get in. also, a 5 A*-C GCSE is good enough for a higher apprenticeship degree. 

Types Of Business Management Apprenticeships

Here are the different types of business management apprenticeships you can do –

Business Administration 

Business Administration

Administration apprenticeship jobs require you to handle the daily tasks in an office. Your works include –

  • Typing notes from meetings.
  • Sending daily posts.
  • Faxing and Photocopying.

During your courses, you will be trained in different job roles. Here are the different roles you train in different levels of the business management apprenticeship –

Intermediate level Advanced Higher 
Business support officerAdministration ExecutiveOfficer manager
Junior legal secretaryPersonal assistantBusiness development executive
Legal SecretaryAdministration team leader

Business Management 

Business Management

The next course is business management. This apprenticeship program will teach you how to handle, manage, and oversee teams and businesses and keep the customers satisfied. Your work as a business manager usually includes fulfilling these roles–

  • Giving feedback to your colleagues.
  • Being a team supporter.
  • Finding ways to solve problems.
  • Keeping your teams updated with the current business status. 

You have different roles in both advanced and higher-level business management jobs. Here are the different roles you need to fulfill. 

Intermediate Advanced Higher 
Team leaderAssistant ManagerManager
section leadertrainee managerHead of the department
help-desk managersenior supervisorDirector

Making marketing and budget decisions also fall under your responsibilities once you have a higher level of business management apprenticeship. Generating different business growth and ideas of innovation, managing digital marketing, and social media are also part of your work at a higher level. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) :

Here are some most popularly asked questions and answers about the different business management apprenticeship jobs. 

Q1. What Do You Need To Apply?

Ans. If you are 16 or over 16, you can apply for management apprenticeship training. You will need GSCEs and a minimum grade of C for the intermediate level of this job. For advanced-level training, you need A-levels. If you aim for higher level training, a Four GSCEs, grade C or above, is required. A Level 3 NVQ qualification is also necessary. 

Q2. What Will You Earn?

Ans. Your earnings after finishing a degree in business management apprenticeship depend upon the employer you are working for. Also, you will work for £4.15 per hour if you are an apprentice and under 19. However, your pay increases as you gain more experience. But, you will get paid according to the national wage rate for your age. 

Q3. How To Get Started?

Ans. You can start and gain your degree as a business management apprenticeship. Here is how you can get started. You can use the Find An Apprenticeship search tool by the government and look for the type of apprenticeship you want to get. The listing will offer you entry requirements, tasks, and qualifications.

Final Words

This article covers everything about business management apprenticeships. You get to learn what training you get and the job opportunities you have upon completion of your training. Also, you can start without any high grades and educational qualifications. I think this offers a great career opportunity in the future. 

Did you find this article helpful? Please share your feedback on the same. If you have any questions, we will answer them in the comment section.

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