MovieFlix Review 2022: Is It A Legit Streaming App In 2022? [Latest Guide]


Movie streaming is something that’s getting popular day by day with apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. But here comes the question of costly packages which many of us want to avoid. Yes, there are apps and websites that allow viewers to enjoy the latest movies, music, sports, etc, for free; however, not all of them are feasible choices. MovieFlix is one such streaming app about which we will be discussing today. 

Scroll down to get the latest deets about this app which is also known as “ the MovieFlix com. ”

What Is MovieFlix?

What Is MovieFlix

MovieFlix or “ the MovieFlix Com ” is a high-speed movie streaming and download service that allows users to watch and download movies from a variety of genres. It’s the most popular app for watching free online movies, including 123movies, YouTube movies, short films, trailers, web series, and television shows. Offering a wide range of short films, trailers, and web series in the following genres, it supports various languages. 

MovieFlix Features

MovieFlix Features

Here are the topmost features of the app you can enjoy fully. The platform claims the majority of these characteristics:

  • Less Complicated: There is no need to register.
  • Favorite Space: FAVORITE LIST is where you may save your favorite movies and web series.
  • Positive User Experience: The user interface is easy to use.
  • High Quality Content: Content loads quickly with Quality caption 
  • Subtitles: Accurate Subtitle in different languages including English 
  • Searchbar: A well-designed, comprehensive, dedicated Search Menu to find your favorite motion picture
  • High quality: There are Quality HD Movies available online.
  • Set Notifications: Get notified when new free online movies, films, 123movies, youtube movies, web series & television shows, and short videos are added.
  • Free Of Cost: It doesn’t charge any amount to provide its services

Bonus Point: There was speculation that the app would launch a paid subscription service. However, it was never finalized and the paid project did not come into being. 

Pros Of MovieFlix

The positive sides of MovieFlix Com are  detailed below:

  • The user interface is simple and engaging.
  • MovieFlix app has content of premium quality
  • The app doesn’t charge anything from the users
  • You can save movies you would like to watch again and again in the FAVORITE LIST. 

Cons Of MovieFlix

From the existing reviews, it seems that there is something seriously wrong with Movie Flix. The negative sides are as follows:

  • On the app, you will get to see several ads from 3rd party websites which might be malicious.
  • In every step, the app asks for credit card details which is highly suspicious.
  • There have been rumors regarding the introduction of paid packages. These hearsays often confuse the audiences, thereby affecting the user experiences. 
  • There are existing reviews regarding MovieFlix pro com that consider it as a scammy website. 

What Type Of Movie Can You Find On MovieFlix?

One of the best things is its wide variety of genres to search movies from. You will literally get any type of movie and every type of movie from here. Take a look at the points below:

  • Action Movies
  • Comedy Movies
  • Romance Movies
  • Sci-fi & fantasy movies
  • Horror Movies
  • Family Movies
  • Drama
  • Martial Arts Movies
  • Kids Shows
  • Stand up comedy
  • Music & musicals shows

How To Download MovieFlix Pro?

Yes, you can download the MovieFlix app easily from Google Play Store for enjoying all the features in a refined manner. All you have to do is go to the google play store application from your Android device, look for the app name in the search box, and tap on Install. 

Is MovieFlix A Scam?

The MovieFlix app somehow looks to be real. However, every page on the site leads to the same online form encouraging customers to join up for a free trial subscription. The similar text has previously been seen on posts in Australia and New Zealand where credit card details were asked. “Beware an ad on Facebook that seems to be advertising ‘ MovieFlix,’ but is a phishing scam meant to steal credit card data,” Consumer Protection tweeted on May 24, 2019.

What Is MovieFlix Org?

If you look for MovieFlix Org or on Google, it will lead you to a website that’s mentioned as: The domain is for sale. ” On the other hand, MovieFlix Com or is also highlighted as PARKED FREE.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Is Movie Flix Safe? 

According to some of the reviews, phishing scams like Movie-Flix are meant to obtain credit card information. This fraud has been exposed by Snopes on several occasions.

Q2. How much does MovieFlix Cost?

Get a daily dose of pleasure at Movie Flix, where you can watch new movies, web series, short films, and 123movies for free.

Q3. What Is Movie Flix Free Membership?

MovieFlix Hub was a free all-movies app allowing you to search and watch free online movies. There are no systems of paid subscription, credit card payments, downloading, etc. You can watch movies here anytime you want without spending a penny. 

Q4. Is MovieFlix In Domain Available?

There is no separate domain called MovieFlix In but people from all over the world including India can download and use this app.

Q5. Is There Any Website Called MovieFlix Pro Com?

As per our research, there is no such domain called MovieFlix Pro or MovieFlix Pro Com. The app also doesn’t hint that any such platform exists. 

Our Verdict

The term “don’t trust everything you see on the internet” has resurfaced through the dubious activities of MovieFlix Hub. Although the features and benefits seem to be attractive enough, there are significant risks that you need to consider. While we are not recommending the app, even if you install it, use it very carefully. It’s advisable not to send any sort of personal details or sign-up in any forms using sensitive credentials. 

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