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Jacques Kallis

One of the best all-rounders in Cricket, Jacques Kallis, was a former South African cricketer and a cricket coach. He was a right-handed batsman and a fast-medium pace bowler. He is the only player in the history of cricket to have more than 10000 runs and more than 250 wickets in both the ODI and Test Cricket formats. Furthermore, in the history of Test Cricket, no player won more Man-of-the-Match award more than Kallis.

According to ESPN Cricinfo, “No batsman prizes his wicket more highly, and no wicket in all of cricket is more highly prized. Jacques Kallis is the broad-shouldered colossus of the South African team, a figure whose looming presence inspires calm in some and dread in others.”

Despite playing 166 Test Matches, Kallis kept a batting average of more than 55 runs, which is really impressive for an all-rounder. Additionally, he is still the second-highest scorer of test centuries after Sachin Tendulkar.

In this article, you will mainly learn some general information about Jacques Kallis, one of the greatest players to have played the gentleman’s game. Furthermore, you will also know about the earnings and salary of Kallis, in addition to his assets, cars, and houses. Hence, to know in detail about Jacques Kallis’ life and earnings, read on through to the end of the article.

Jacques Kallis – A Short Biography  

Jacques Kallis – A Short Biography 

Born on 16th October 1975, in the city of Cape Town, South Africa, Jacques Kallis played and represented his high school, Wynberg Boys’. He also spent a brief amount of time playing for Netherfield Cricket Club in England. When he was 19, Kallis got a call from his national side to make a test debut against England in 1995.

In Test Cricket, Kallis scored more than 13000 runs and took 292 wickets, while, in ODI, Kallis scored more than 11000 runs and took 273 wickets. Apart from that, Jacques Kallis also had a worthwhile career in T20 cricket, especially in the IPL. Throughout his career, Jacques Kallis played a key role for his national side, and even after years of his retirement, he is one of the most loved and respected cricketers ever.

He was born to Henry and Mercia Kallis and had a sister named Janine. In 2019, he married Charlene Engels, whom he had a long-term relationship with. They both had a son named Joshua. Previously, Kallis had a long-term relationship with a South African model, Marizanne Grundling, and the relationship ended in 2013. Jacques Kallis was influenced by his father to play cricket, who used to play first-class cricket for the Western Province. Before that, Kallis had a few affairs.

Personal Information Of Jacques Kallis  

Here are some of the personal information about Jacques Kallis you must know:

Full NameJacques Henry Kallis
NicknameJackes, Woogie, Kalahari
NationalitySouth Africa
Marital StatusMarried to Charlene Engels (2019- )
HobbiesWriting poems and blogs
Age47 years (16th October 1975)

Jacques Kallis – Net Worth  

Jacques Kallis – Net Worth

Jacques Kallis does not stay a lot in the limelight, and hence it is hard to get access to the numbers of his exact earnings, including his salary and assets. However, we have tried our best to give you a general estimate of his earnings and Net Worth. Since Jacques Kallis is a retired cricket now, his Net Worth had surely dropped, as compared to his playing days, when he was considered one of the very bests in the world.

As of 2023, the Net Worth of Jacques Kallis stands at US $48 million. Furthermore, as per speculations and some basic ideas of earnings, the player earns around $4-5 million on a yearly basis.

Income And Investments Of Jacques Kallis  

Income And Investments Of Jacques Kallis

Due to him being one of the best all-rounders in cricket of all time, Jacques Kallis had the opportunity to have good earnings. Furthermore, being a coach also allowed him to add to his earnings. In addition to that, due to a significant number of sponsorships, brand endorsements, and investments, Kallis had the opportunity to earn a good amount of wealth.

Furthermore, Jacques Kallis owns different properties. He himself lives in a luxurious villa in Cape Town with his family, which he purchased for US $1.7 Million back in 2009.

On the other hand, one of the lesser-known things about Kallis is that he gets involved in a lot of charitable activities. The Jacques Kallis Foundation is a philanthropic organization that focuses mostly on supporting poor and underprivileged children in South Africa. Apart from that, Kallis is also associated with various other charitable organizations and NGOs.

According to Jacques Kallis Foundation, “By focusing on uplifting the educational and sporting standards for youths in need, we help to improve their access to better future opportunities and resources. This will result in these youths being equipped to study further, play sports professionally, or otherwise enter the workforce. Ultimately, we aim for these youths to uplift themselves and their communities and break the cycle of poverty.”

Assets Of Jacques Kallis  

Assets Of Jacques Kallis

Like many other sportspersons, Jacques Kallis was also a car enthusiast. However, after his retirement, he controlled his spending. He has some of the major high-end vehicles that, include a Porsche Cayenne, Audi S5, and a Mercedes-Benz ML63 AMG.

On the other hand, Kallis also has some investments in different businesses. One of the major companies where Kallis invested includes Corné and Christo Fourie Sports Management (CC4SM), which is a major sports management company, and Fish & Chips Co., which is one of the biggest fast-food franchises in South Africa.

Summing Up  

Hope this article was helpful for you in getting information about the personality and Net Worth of Jacques Kallis. Apart from providing you with a short biography of Jacques Kallis, and his days as an all-rounder for South Africa, we have also given a few details about his family.

On the other hand, we have also given you a brief idea of Jacques Kallis’s Net Worth, which was very hard to determine, and also the various income and assets related to him. Finally, you learned about the work of the Jacques Kallis Foundation and its goals of charity and helping South African underprivileged children.

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