Bifacial Solar Panels Review: User Review, Rating, Price

Bifacial Solar Panels Review: User Review, Rating, Price

For quite some time, finding a source of alternate energy has been the number priority for most countries. Natural sources of energy like hydro, solar, and wind are definitely the top choices; among them, solar energy is one of the most important. 

Unlike mono-facial solar panels, you don’t have to attach the bifacial solar panels on the roof, you can just assemble them in your yard, and they will work great. So if you wanna know more about bifacial solar panels, then keep on scrolling through the article. 

Bifacial Solar Panels: All That You Need To Know!

Bifacial Solar Panels: All That You Need To Know!

Now let’s come to the main point, what makes bifacial solar panels so useful and different than mono-facial solar panels? Most solar panels are made out of different types of cells, which are polycrystalline and monocrystalline. 

The main difference between a mono-facial and bifacial is the fact of how both are made. While the back portion of a mono-facial panel is opaque, that is not the case for bifacial panels, these have panels on both sides. 

Features Of Bifacial Solar Panels

Features Of Bifacial Solar Panels

Now that you are aware of what bifacial solar panels are and why they are more efficient than regular mono-facial solar panels, it is now important that you know what the different features of bifacial solar panels are. 

  • 220W Bifacial Solar Panel
  • Two solar panels, 220W front panel, and 155W rear panel
  • The panels are portable, durable, and efficient
  • Has an MC4 Output controller
  • The bifacial solar panels have high-efficiency monocrystalline cells
  • They also have a hot pressing process fold
  • Has run a high-performing solar generator
  • It has an IP68 waterproof
  • The surface has 1.5MM one-piece tempered glass
  • They are geared for optimal solar intake of about 22-23%
  • They are 10% smaller than the average 220W solar panels

Advantages Of Bifacial Solar Panels

Advantages Of Bifacial Solar Panels

If you are looking forward to buying a bifacial solar panel, then you should definitely know the advantages of using a bifacial solar panel. 

  • They can capture sunlight from both sides.
  • You can install them in any direction you want.
  • They have a better and more efficient cell structure than the mono facial panels.
  • Compared to a mono facial panel, they can generate more solar power. 

Disadvantages Of Bifacial Solar Panels

Disadvantages Of Bifacial Solar Panels

But if you want to buy a bifacial solar panel, then you should also be aware of the disadvantages of bifacial solar as well. 

  • The installation costs are quite high. 
  • These bifacial solar panels’ price is high.
  • Bifacial solar panels are heavier than mono-facial panels. 

Customer Reviews Of Bifacial Solar Panels

Before you make the decision to buy a bifacial solar panel, you should definitely look at the advantages and disadvantages of the product. But you should always look at the customer reviews of these products. 

“I was an energy generation specialist at Tesla and at another company before that so when I have expectations of a solar panels performance I’m relatively accurate. These performed better than I expected, and I was busy so I didn’t even make it until noon. No I don’t want to get into angles or degrees of orientation and I know that I could have generated more energy had I just paid attention to those things. The lowest with 3 160 watt panels was around 350 Watts out of 480 the max generation was 435 Watts and again I didn’t even make it to noon or angle the panels based on the hour of the day” – Frank.

“I finally had the opportunity to use this in the field. I was able to get at least 185 watts of output. I am using this with a 100Ah lithium battery and an appropriate controller. The only thing I dislike is using the case as a stand. It is cumbersome to set up and take down. Leaning it against something seems to work just as well although there would be little opportunity to get any reflective power off of the back of the panels. This works much more efficiently than a different brand 100-watt portable setup that we own. I have only seen between 60-70 watts from that setup. Much less efficient. Not cheap but it works very well. We power a large 12v fridge, StarLink, and other smaller electronics with our setup.”- CK.

“Superior quality, very strong, excellent all the way. The only small negative. Portability is on the heavy side, but if you want quality, that’s the way it is. The way to stand it angle at the sun with the portable case is not the best… it’s a little flimsy…” – Capt Michel

Wrapping Up!

Natural energy sources are very important for global energy storage. The most important of the natural energies is solar energy. The importance of bifacial solar panels is important to generate more solar energy than mono-facial solar panels. 

So if you think you found this article important was helpful for you, then give this article a like and leave a comment down below.

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