How To Find The Publisher Of A Website?

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website

How to find the publisher of a website? It is not so difficult to know the details of the publishers of the website.

If you are looking for this question, keep on reading this article. You will get all the information to find the author’s and publisher’s names.

What Is A Publisher?

What Is A Publisher

A publisher is a person who has the responsibility to produce the content or article with his knowledge and creative mindset. Publishers have so many responsibilities, from copy editing to creating marketing materials.

Publishers can promote and distribute the book or digital content on a website. Here, I will discuss why to find the publisher and how to find the website’s publisher. Scroll down to get these.

Why Find The Publisher Of The website?

Why Find The Publisher Of The website

Why did you find a publisher? You may think this question. Well, I have the answer. People might be looking for a publisher of a website for a variety of reasons.

Let’s present the outline of the main reasons why people are interested in finding out the publishers on the website.

1. Academic Reasons:

Academic Reasons

The academic reason is one of the common causes for looking for publishers. People might be looking for a publisher to reference the publisher’s name or correct the citation in the academic content.

Plus, to know the authenticity of the content, people search for a publisher at the end of the content.

2. Business Reasons:

Business reason

For business purposes, you might be looking for the owner or publisher of the website. It is imperative to know the website’s publisher to do business.

3. Abuse reasons:

Abuse reasons

Suppose you want to complain against the website for fake content or abuse of your intellectual property such as copyright or trademark; you need to know the publisher or owner of the website to complain against them.

Now, you have the knowledge of the reason to find out the publishers in the websites, let’s come to the question of how to find the publisher of a website.

Who Is A Publisher On The Website?

Who Is A Publisher On The Website

Before going over the question of how to find the publisher of a website, you should know who the website’s publisher is. Publisher can be the author of the content, contributor, columnist, and administrator of the website.

The publisher is responsible for publishing content and writing articles on which she or he may authorize to do so.

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website?

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website

You might be looking for the answer to how to find the publisher of a website; well, you have to go through some steps. I have gathered all those steps here.

 Although, it is not too difficult to figure out the website’s publishers. Each website has a different page that mentions its publishers and author’s names.

 Let’s take a look at the below 

1. Go To About Us Page

Go To About Us Page

The About Us section is one of the critical pages where the website shares essential information such as, what they do, what they produce, blogs, images, and who they are.

This page is essential to building a solid relationship with their customers. When a brand new audience visits the website, they usually go to “about us” to understand the company’s activities. It can turn potential customers into regular customers.

On the about us page, website owners share their author’s name and credentials, so you can visit this page to get the publisher’s name.

2. Contact Us

Contact Us Page

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website: it is the easiest way to get in touch with a publisher.

 Contact us is a common and extremely important section for any website. With the help of the contact us page, you can easily contact the publishers or website owners.

3. Author Details

Author Details

First, I need to ensure that author details are mentioned on a separate website page. And most large websites have created this page to mention all their publishers and authors’ details. 

It is not possible for individual websites to create a separate page to mention a publisher’s and author’s names. Therefore, you only get this page for medium and large websites.

4. Send Email

Send Email

You can get the email address list of the authors or publishers easily from the contact us section in the website. You can send email after getting the email address of the publishers.

5. Connect With Social Media

Connect With Social Media

Social Media is a common way to connect with the publishers or authors on the website. Every website has its social media handles where they share its content and information daily.

You can search with the website name on social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin) and easily get website data from social media.

Pro Tip: this is a trick that you may not find everywhere but is solid and useful. What should you do? 

  • Type  [ ] in the search bar. You will see a new screen with the details of the authors and publishers of the certain website.

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website For Citation?

How To Find The Publisher Of A Website For Citation

I have already mentioned how to find out the publishers and authors of the website. Along with this, there is another way to find out the publisher’s name.

You have to scroll down the website; at the bottom line, you will see the publisher’s name with the copyright notice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here is some more information regarding how to find the publisher of a website; you can look out at once if you want to get more.

Q1. What If The Publisher Is The Same As The Website?

If it happens that website has no publisher’s name, the organization or company who published the site as the author. In this case, the organization omits the author’s name and lists the organization name as the publisher.

Q2. How Do You Cite If There Is No Publisher?

If you see,  the book is not published by the publisher’s name but only mentioning the author’s name, then omitting the publisher’s name from the citation. For instance: Hocking, Amanda. Fate. 2010, as noted on page 42 of the MLA Handbook.

Q3. How Cite A Website With No Author?

If you get any website where you can not find the author’s name, well don’t state it as ‘anonymous”. You can fill the space with next elements such as “Title of the webpage”, “Website Name”, “publisher name day month”, URL. 

Wrapping It Up

How to find the publisher of a website? I hope you will get the answer from this article. There are numerous ways to figure out the details of the publishers of the website.

Still, if you don’t find the publisher’s name of a certain website in spite of using these methods, let me know the website name by commenting below. I will help you out by giving the publisher’s name.


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