How To Use The Facebook Secret Conversation Feature – All You Need To Know

facebook secret conversation

Many Facebook users around the globe are always concerned about privacy. The scenario is due to the past privacy scandals on the platform and government norms. If you fall in the same group, this article can help you a lot.

Learn about the Facebook secret conversation feature, which allows you to hide your conversation from all third parties. You can expect no hackers, government officials, or Facebook employees to see your conversation. So, you can send texts, images, and videos to someone and expect complete privacy.

Moreover, by switching to the secret conversation feature, you can set the self-destruction timer on the messages. It permanently deletes all messages from the chatbox. If the timer is set from both ends, Facebook deletes the entire conversation. To learn more about this feature, go through the following sections:

Facebook Secret Conversation: Why Is It Important?

Facebook Secret Conversation

The Facebook secret conversation is crucial because it is based on end-to-end encryption. So, you and your friend can chat in an encrypted space. Moreover, the Facebook messenger secret conversation feature restricts the chat on any other device. So, you would need to reset the encryption on taking a new device while all previous chats are lost. This is a technological leap for Facebook and has much importance.

Another remarkable feature about the Facebook secret conversation is the usage of the Signal encryption system. It is also present in Whatsapp and has gained a high reputation globally.

Furthermore, you would be amazed to know that a Facebook secret conversation key is also present. You and your partner can decrypt a conversion accessing it from dual ends. No doubt, it makes the usage of the Facebook messenger more relevant.

The secret conversation feature rarely leads you to any threat. However, you might get into the trap of some external elements that might lead to data leakage. For example, taking a screenshot of the secret conversation can boost its leakage risk. So, while using secret conversations on Facebook, you should not do such things.

Signal Encryption System: Its Importance In Facebook Secret Conversation

Signal Encryption System

If you have the question, how does Facebook secret conversation work?  Knowledge about signal encryption systems is a must. Simply put, it is a technology that uses Signal protocol to encrypt conversations. The signal protocol is open-sourced, and it cannot store sensitive data. The primitives of signal encryption systems are SHA256, AES-256, Curve25519, and HMAC-SHA256.

Turning On Facebook Secret Conversation

Turning On Facebook Secret Conversation

Now that you know what is the secret conversation on Facebook is, it is time to see the process to turn it on and use it. Well, look at the points below to have a clear idea. The entire thing is divided into cases for you to understand better.

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Turning On Secret Conversation Feature On IOS Devices

Step 1: Go to your profile from an iOS device and open the Messenger app

Step 2: Search for the profile icon and tap on the upper-left corner

Step 3: Check for the ‘Secret Conversation’ option from the list and click on it

Step 4: Slide the ‘Secret Conversion’ button to the right-hand side

Turning On Secret Conversation Feature On Android Devices

Step 1: Turn on the Messenger app and tap on the display picture

Step 2: Look for the option ‘Secret Conversations’ on the menu and select it to turn on

Starting A Secret Conversation On Facebook

As you know the process of turning on the secret conversation feature, it is time to learn how to start a secret conversation on Facebook. This process is also a bit different for iOS and Android devices. You can learn this quite easily as you know the process of making a Facebook post shareable. Have a look:

Initiating A Secret Conversation On Facebook From An Ios Device

Step 1: Open the messenger app and look for the pencil icon at the upper-right corner

Step 2: Select the pencil icon to write a new message

Step 3: Choose the ‘Secret’ option at the upper-right corner of the screen

Step 4: Look for the padlock icon adjacent to the one who would receive the message

Step 5: Set timer to the conversation by tapping on the clock icon

Step 6: Set the time after which the messages would destruct automatically

Initiating A Secret Conversation On Facebook From An Android Device

Step 1: Open the messenger app from an Android device and find the pencil icon

Step 2: You need to find the lock icon and right-slide it

Step 3: Type the name of the person with whom you want to have a secret chat

Step 4: Set timer on your Android device by clicking on the clock icon

Step 5: Select a specific time after which all the messages in the conversation would disappear

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What Happens When You Use Secret Conversation On Facebook?

Ans: The Facebook secret conversation feature is a recent addition to the messenger app. It resembles most other secret messaging apps. It provides complete privacy to the users while they chat. The Signal encryption system produces the encrypted space where no third parties, including Facebook, can access the chat. So, you can expect to get complete mobile security while chatting. You can even add the timer for the permanent deletion of the chat.

Q2. Do Secret Conversations Show Up On Facebook?

Ans: The secret conversation feature is currently available on the Messenger app only. So, you would not be able to access it through the desktop. Moreover, you can only access the chat from the device where the encryption is created. This thing remains the same for your friend too. So, there is no way for you or your friend to get back the old chat on your new device. Furthermore, old chats on the old device get deleted automatically when you re-encrypt from the new device to enhance security.

Q3. Can I Retrieve Secret Conversations On Facebook?

Ans: In normal cases, none can retrieve the secret conversations on Facebook as it is not as simple as the “turn off comments” feature. However, the secret conversation feature has some loopholes too. Facebook has the right to access the secret chats and decrypt them only if someone reports them.

Q4. How Do I Know If My Partner Is On A Secret Conversation?

Ans: It is pretty easy to understand if anyone is using the Facebook secret conversation feature. The message bubble on messenger shows it all. In normal cases, the message bubble on messenger remains blue. It turns black in case of a secret conversation. Moreover, a message pops up beside every text, image, or video that goes ‘Encrypted from one device to other’.


When it comes to Facebook secret conversation, you can consider it quite safe due to the Signal encryption system. All you need to remember is to use it mindfully. Remember not to take screenshots of the chat or share anything from the chat to other platforms.

As a result, you can enjoy having a completely private chat with your friend. Finally, keep in mind not to send anything that discomforts the recipient. Otherwise, Facebook can decrypt your chat on the basis of a report. In such cases, you might end up getting a ban from the messenger.

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