You Would Choose To Advertise On The Search Network If You Wanted To:

You Would Choose To Advertise On The Search Network If You Wanted To

You Would Choose To Advertise On The Search Network If You Wanted To:

  1. Reach customers browsing websites related to your business
  2. Reach customers while they’re searching for your product or services
  3. Choose the types of websites where you want your ads to show
  4. Choose from a range of ad formats like video and image ads

The right answer is 2. Reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services. 


If you want to reach the customers when they find products or services, the best option is to advertise on a search network. It will cause your ads to appear near the search results when someone searches for the products and services with a specific keyword or related terms to yours. For example, on search results of Google, your ads can occur both below and above the search results.

The search result of Google is a group of websites and apps where your ads can occur. There are different ad types that can appear, such as Dynamic search ads, Text ads, only call ads, and others. Although these ad types are the common ones that can arise, many other ad types are available. 

Some of them include images, video ads, shopping ads, etc. At the time you make a campaign through a search network, the search partners are included automatically. 

Now you know you would choose to advertise on the search network if you wanted to: reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services. But knowing this is not enough if you want to apply it for yourself. You need to know many other things to understand why a search network is better for you than a display network. 

Search Network And Display Network 

This is the most common thing that you will come across while starting your PPC journey. It is essential to know which one is better for you as you will spend both money and time on one of these. If you think choosing one is challenging for you, you can select both to enjoy the benefits. It will help you to get an edge over your competitors by using two networks. 

However, to do so, you will need to have a high understanding of both of the networks. Their role, benefits, and other things are significant to know before choosing one. Here are some of the advantages, and further details are given below about both of the networks that will help you understand the strengths. 

You can find both of these networks on Google, but there are many other PPC platforms available that you can try. Some of the common ones are Yahoo Gemini, Bing, and of course Google. So, let’s talk more about these two networks in detail. 

The Search Network

The Search Network

It is the group of apps and websites where the ad of an advertiser can appear. When a user searches for a specific query into the search bar of the different search engines, they get multiple results. Both above and below of these search result pages, there are many spots available for ads. 

So, along with the search result, the ads will be available in between. In addition, Google is an ad auction, where bidding on different keywords that match users’ search queries will help your ad get much more chance to be in those designated spots for ads. However, this is not the only factor that can determine that your ad will be shown on the spot or not. 

There are many other factors that can change the outcome of your ad will show in the spots or not. So, even if you have placed a bet on specific keywords, it will still not ensure your ads will have a better chance to appear on the top position of the result page. 

The Display Network 

The Display Network 

The display network allows reaching the audiences when the users are browsing partner websites, apps, other websites, and mobile sites. For example, if you decide to read an article about a specific topic. But you will find many ads on the web page, and most of the ads will be related to the topic you were searching for yesterday. So, it is more like you will be now stalked by the website you visited yesterday and researched. 

It allows all the advertisers to strategically show image ads, video ads, text ads, and others. They are shown to an audience that is created custom with the target to increase the conversion. For example, you can create a list of people who searched for the website and visited the page of “signup.” It will be made from the Search Networks ads to market them later using a display network. 

Search Networks Benefits 

Search Networks Benefits 

Now that you know what a search network is, you need to find out the benefits of this network. Some of the most important benefits of the search network are given below. 

  • High Intent  

More than 93% of the online purchasing experiences start with the search query of the user. This is because the user knows what product and services they are looking for and their intent to buy through the roof. So, if you understand their search query and show relevant ads, it will be an easy win for you. 

  • Measurable Results 

Are you concerned about where the money is going? When you use Google AdWords to show ads to Google Search Network, there is complete transparency and details about where your money is placed in the campaign. When you take a look at the dashboard of the campaign, you will be able to learn all the details about impressions, clicks, cost-per-click, conversions, click-through rate, and others. In addition, Google allows you to measure all the details and ROAS here. 


Now you know you would choose to advertise on the search network if you wanted to: reach customers while they’re searching for your products or services. Learn all the details and benefits of the Search Network. You will be able to find out all the benefits of the search networks along with the details of display networks.

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