What Is Feminine Energy? How To Boost It?

Feminine Energy

Have you ever heard the term ‘Feminine Energy’ before? Even if you haven’t heard it, you still can sense how it can be. Because every woman has feminine energy, to begin with. However, it is very unclear what is this feminine energy? So, if you are a woman, you need to know about reconnecting with your inner feminine. 

For men, it helps to nurture and balance the masculine side very well. Feminine energy can help you to unlock your full potential. You will be more accepting, embracing, and open towards other people. 

Society has been suppressing feminine energy for a long time now, which increased the masculine energy to operate. However, there are some things that you can do to improve your feminine energy. Before learning them, let’s find out more about feminine energy first. 

What Is Feminine Energy?

It is a particular trait set that is opposite of the masculine energy traits. Mostly, the masculine side comes out while chasing a goal, moving forward, making progress, and getting this done. On the other hand, feminine traits include when you proceed with the life flow, dance, play, embrace the creative energy, and others. 

These traits do not represent any gender; men can have all the feminine energy traits. Likewise, women can have all the traits of masculine energy. The words masculine and feminine might confuse you, but any gender can have any of these traits combined. Both of these energies and their traits are very important for all genders to be complete people. 

Men usually grow up with all the masculine traits as they are raised with gender stereotypes. The same goes for the women, as they are expected to be with more feminine traits. However, it is best if men have some flexibility and joy in life and women have some progressive, directive traits. 

Most people lost touch with feminine traits due to the superiority of masculine energy in our society. However, you can get them back and boost them with some simple steps. Here are some of the given below to awaken the divine feminine energy inside you. 

How To Boost The Feminine Energy? 

Being under feminine and over masculine makes us want to search for something wild, rejuvenating, resourceful, and spontaneous. In short, it is the feminine side that we all wish for. So, here are some of the things that you can try to awaken your feminine energy. 

1. Enjoy Nature 

Enjoy Nature 

Not just people and traits, but you can characterize places too based on their characters. Lifeforce energy is the feminine version that provides us much more natural, open, and free feelings. Some of these places include parks, forests, jungles, and others. 

When you need to revive yourself from heavy stress and rejuvenate with the natural feeling, go to nature. It will help you get in sync with your thoughts and inner peace. This is an excellent way to get closer and develop feminine energy. 

2. Reflect 

We are so busy with your daily life nowadays that we forget to know what is happening inside us. Losing touch with our deeper selves makes it hard for us to open up. All you need to do is connect yourself and acknowledge everything you do. 

If you are having any difficulty doing that, then you can take the help of therapy. It helps to explore all the feelings and thoughts to make your feminine energy side come closer. Suppressing those feelings will make it easier for masculine energy to take over. 

3. Play And Be Spontaneous 

Due to our busy lifestyle, we often ignore connections, vacations, rest, downtime, and others. Overworking is a masculine trait, and it prevents you from experiencing all the joys of life. So, why wait for the next vacation to feel joyful and live a spontaneous life? 

You can try to have mini-vacations anytime you want. Apart from that, you can listen to stories, read books, go out for a walk to simply enjoy the time. Getting out of the overworked state will help you to relax and have rest. 

4. Express Your Emotions 

Express Your Emotions 

Emotion is one of the essential traits of feminine energy. While masculine energy is known for logic, feminine energy is known for expressing emotion. Everyone has an emotional side, but most people tend to hide it and suppress it to look more strong. Also, some people are not sure how to express their feelings. 

You need to understand your feelings and express them. But, it is a long process to express your emotions. So, it might need some time before you can fully express your emotions. But, it will boost emotional intelligence and help you get one step closer to getting feminine energy. 

5. Be Creative 

Be Creative

Masculine and feminine energy are very different from each other. Feminine energy is a creative force that helps to create things. For many years, it is described as they have the power to create life. But this is not the creation we are talking about, and there are many other creations that feminine energy can create. 

Creations can occur as writing, artistic expression, painting, dancing, dreaming new ideas, and others. Whatever you have an interest in can help you to be creative. Being creative helps you to develop feminine energy. 

6. Accept Receiving 

Feminine energy includes the trait to receive more. No matter your gender, you need to be open to receiving. Women have the power to give more than what they receive. But this amplifying power is not limited to them, and you can develop them as well. 

You have to ask for help when you require it. Ask people for support and favors when you need them. Giving yourself some gifts will help you to accept receiving more. This is one of the essential parts of developing your feminine energy


Now that you know the details about feminine energy and the character traits. Here are some of the things that you can try to develop your feminine side. 

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