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Shaving Kit For Men And Why It Is Important For Grooming?

shaving kit for men

Every man needs to own a shaving kit when they are of age to get the perfect shave that we desire. Having a clean, shaved face makes you look handsome and professional to the opposite sex, granting you the power of attracting them quickly, like a moth to a flame. Keep your beard away with the perfect shave so that your masculine facial features can become prominent and not hide behind a thick layer of hair.

So why do you need a guide for buying a shaving kit for men? This is because not all shaving kits are made equally. Some are better than others, while some are overly pricey for their value. In this list, you will learn what components should be present in a shaving kit and what some of the best shaving kits for men are in the market. 

What’s Included In The Shaving Kit Bag For Men?

If you want to know what’s included in the shaving kit for men, then here are the essentials you should look out for:

1. Razor


Razors are the fundamentals of any shaving kit. Razors help you cut your beard, helping you achieve the clean, shaved look you were longing for. No razor – no shave. 

However, there are many types of razors to look out for. A modern shaving kit for men come equipped with three different types of razors:

  • Cartridge Razor: This is the cheapest type of razor available on most shaving kits for men. Cartridge razors are typically thrown after being used for a few shaves, making them perfect for beginners. Therefore, these razors provide you with the quickest shave possible. These are perfect for shaving early in the morning before going to the office. 
  • Safety Razor: Safety razors are just like straight razors that you can use with the shaving handle. Unlike cartridges, these are bolted in the hold with screws and provide one single blade instead of two or three blades found in cartridge razors. This is not recommended to beginners because you can easily cut your face, especially if you look sharp and angular. 
  • Straight Razor: Straight razors are the oldest type of razors. These big razors with a grip handle are the most old-school and masculine way of shaving one’s beard. However, it is tough to use such a razor, and we only recommend this to pros and the manliest of men. 

2. Shaving Cream

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is another necessity that every means needs in their shaving kit. This and the razor are the two most essential items you should have in your shaving kit. This is because you need to apply the shaving cream first to soften your scruffy beard, followed by a gentle and slow swipe of the razor through your cheeks and neck. 

3. Shaving Brush

Shaving Brush

The shaving brush is used to apply the shaving cream more evenly over your cheeks. When you apply the cream with the brush, your beard hair gets softer and stands up straight. This allows you to have a better experience shaving your beard, causing the least amount of friction on your skin and preventing any cuts and scratches on your handsome face. 

4. After Shave Lotion

After Shave Lotion

An after-shave lotion is used to moisturize your face after shaving your beard. This is important because, over time, dust particles and oil get trapped between your beard hair and settle down on your cheeks. These can cause blackheads and pimples if not washed properly. 

Therefore, always remember to apply after-shave lotions after a shave to provide antiseptic cover on your face, making your skin softer after it gets roughed up by the razor. 

5. Trimmer


Most modern shaving kits for men come equipped with a trimmer. However, most kits do not have this because they fall under the category of a grooming kit for men. On the other hand, a trimmer does not help shave your beard. Instead, it allows you to shorten them and shape them according to your desired style. Therefore, they fall under the classification of being a piece of grooming equipment. 

Best Shaving Kit For Men

The best shaving kit for men that you can get on the market right now are:

1. Gillette Fusion ProShield Bundle

Gillette Fusion ProShield Bundle

Gillette is one of the most well-known brands for shaving and grooming your beard. The Gillette Fusion ProShield bundle has a razor handle equipped with their patented FlexBall technology that allows the razor cartridge to fall smoothly on your cheeks since it moves as per the contours of your face. Also, you get a smaller precision trimmer at the bottom of the razor handle to trim your nose and ear hairs too!

What’s Included:

  • Gillette Fusion FlexBall Razor Handle
  • Gillette Extra Razor Cartridges (4)
  • Gillette Ocean Breeze Shaving Gel 

2. Dollar Shave Club Gift Set

Dollar Shave Club Gift Set

The most economically perfect shaving kit, Dollar Shave Club’s Shave Gift Set, comes with a great assortment of products to always give you the perfect shave that you need. Along with its price tag of only $40, you cannot go wrong with this shaving kit for men if you are on a budget and want to get the best band for your buck. 

What’s Included:

  • DSC Shave Butter (Shaving Cream)
  • DSC Prep Scrub (Pre-Shave Lotion)
  • DSC Post Shave Dew (After Shave Lotion)
  • DSC Razor Handle
  • DSC Razor Cartridges (4 extra razors)

3. Bevel Shave System Kit

Bevel Shave System Kit

One of the simpler shaving kits on this list, the Bevel Shave System is perfect for you if you want a simple shave without any fancy technology or hassle. Ideal for older gentlemen, the razor handle is engineered with comfort in mind, even while it uses safety razors instead of razor cartridges. 

What’s Included:

  • Bevel Safety Razor Handle
  • Bevel Shaving Brush
  • Bevel Priming Oil (Pre-shave lotion)
  • Bevel Shaving Cream 
  • Bevel Restoring Balm (After Shave lotion)
  • Bevel Safety Razors (20 Razors)

4. The Art Of Shaving Kit

The Art Of Shaving Kit

The Art Of Shaving is one of the newer brands to enter the shaving kits for men. Providing high-quality products at a reasonable price, this shaving kit for men provides all the bare essentials for a smooth, pristine shave. In addition, the razor handle utilizes the old-school safety razors for a smoother and sharper shave, perfect for alpha males of all ages for only $70. 

What’s Included:

  • Razor Handle
  • Shaving Cream
  • Badger Shaving Brush 
  • Pre-shave lotion
  • After-shave lotion
  • Razors (20 pieces)

5. Harry’s Winston Set

Harry's Winston Set

If you are an adventurous traveler always looking for a great adventure, then this travel shaving kit for men is for you. Harry’s collection of various shaving kits is excellent, but we had to special mention this “Winston” kit. Buy it for yourself and see what’s great about it.

What’s Included:

  • Winston Shaving Cream
  • Winston Razor Grip
  • Winston Razor Cartridges (3 cartridges)

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. Which Shaving Kit Is Good For Men?

Ans: Branded shaving kits by Gillette and other brands are suitable for men.

Q2. What Should A Shaving Kit Include? 

Ans: A basic shaving kit should include a razor, razor grip, shaving cream, and extra razors or razor cartridges.

Q3. How Much Does A Shaving Set Cost?

Ans: Ashaving kit for men costs around $30 to $100.

Q4. What Is In A Men’s Shaving Kit?

Ans: A men’s shaving kit should consist of the following accessories:
Razor Grip
Extra Razors
Shaving Cream
Pre Shave Lotion
After Shave Lotion
Shaving Brush


A strong, independent man needs an equally stronger and capable shaving kit for men to suit all our grooming needs. This is because having a long scruffy beard is not in style anymore. On the other hand, clean, shaved cheeks are an evergreen grooming style for men that suits all men of all ages. 

Therefore, get yourself one of these shaving kits for men that we have recommended above and get started with some of the cleanest shaves you can achieve in your life so far! If this article helped you to buy a shaving kit of your choice, then share this with your other friends and read our other grooming guides too!

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