10 Best Smallest Pellet Stove To Choose In 2022 – Detailed Guide

smallest pellet stove

Many parts of the world experience harsh winters. People living there have to take steps to keep their environment warm. The smallest pellet stove can effectively come into play in this case. These stoves have been there for many years, being prominent furniture of many houses.

If you are currently dealing with the chilled weather and looking for a way to heat your place, consider reading this article. It deals with the room heating stoves, and you can learn certain things about the commodity. Moreover, you can choose the best one to purchase according to the dimension and budget from the suggested ones below. 

Therefore, to get the best recommendations for the smallest Pellet Stove in 2022, keep reading the guide…

What Is A Pellet Stove?

What Is A Pellet Stove?

A pellet stove gets such a name because it burns biomass. It is a stove that acts as a source of heat for any house or industry. This commodity is available in different shapes, sizes and prices.

Pellet stoves allow you to burn small pieces of wood too. So, if you do not have a pellet, it would not be a problem. Nowadays, the smallest pellet stove has turned into a trendy commodity as it takes less space and is cheaper than the bigger ones. 

Benefits Of Pellet Stoves 

Pellets stoves have always been a sought-after commodity as it has multiple benefits. Here, you can go through the key ones and consider buying a small pellet stove for yourself. Have a look at the benefits below:

1.  Cost-Effectiveness


You can choose any of the pellet stoves for sale and expect it to be cost-effective. With a small pellet stove, you can cut down the cost of the central heating system. Moreover, it can effectively serve you during seasonal transitions. 

2. User-Friendliness

Yet another benefit of the smallest pellet stove is its user-friendliness. All modern stoves are electrical igniters. Thus, it takes seconds for the fuel inside to burn.

3. Chimney Is Unnecessary

Chimney Is Unnecessary

 Nowadays, all pellet stoves for sale come with a forced ventilation setup. So, all the smoke goes out by an 80-120 mm tube. Therefore, you would not need to spend money on chimneys. Moreover, the modern models can consume outside air easily and keep themselves running. 

Best Choices Of Smallest Pellet Stoves To Purchase In 2022

In this part, you will learn about some models of the smallest pellet stove to buy in 2022. Have a look at the following list as it can help you choose a model to buy.

1. Pelpro Pellet Stove, PP130-B, 2,500 sq ft.

Pelpro Pellet Stove, PP130-B, 2,500 sq ft

The Pelpro pellet stove comes with a classic design and can be one of the excellent choices of commodities in 2022. It looks like a small wood stove, but it has a lot to offer. You can expect a long burning time and easy cleaning with the Pelpro stove. The current price of the Pelpro Pellet Stove is approximately $2392. You should always check for offs and discounts while buying the commodity.

 Amazingly, the current heat efficiency standard of the Pelpro stove is 87.5%. 


  • The PP130-B Pelpro pellet stove provides up to 96 hours of heating time.
  • Multiple handles are present on the stove that offers easy cleaning.
  • The outstanding heating area up to 2500 sq ft.
  • 1-year manufacturer’s warranty and 5-years firebox warranty is available on the Pelpro.


  • The decent heating time of the Pelpeo pellet stove makes it unique among others.
  • Thermal rating is quite high for this product.
  • The product comes with two warranties.
  • Flame adjustment is possible with just a knob.
  • Excellent blower fan restricts overheating and carbon deposition.


  • The Pelpro pellet stove is bulkier than most other wood pellet stove.
  • A small viewing window restricts users to look into the burning deck properly.
  • Pelpro PP-130 lacks a lot of customizable features.

2. Wood Pellet Stove- Pleasant Hearth

Wood Pellet Stove- Pleasant Hearth

Pleasant Hearth is a famous company in the US that deals with the smallest pellet stoves. The pellet stove is made of wood and is one of the most sought-after commodities. It has smart settings, and you can control it easily. Another thing for which the Pleasant Hearth model is known is hopper capacity. 


  • The Pleasant Hearth pellet stove for sale comes with a combustion fan, exhaust fan, and starter fan.
  • The large heating area due to high BTU range up to  50,000.


  • All heat settings of the pellet stove are easily manageable.
  • Effectively insulates small and large spaces.
  • Efficient device for room heating in long tenures.


  • Cleaning the stove might seem to be a challenging process.

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3. 12327  Serenity Wood Pellet Stove- Castle

12327  Serenity Wood Pellet Stove- Castle 

The Serenity Wood pellet stove from Castle is one of the compact products that can heat up to 1500 sq ft. So, you can consider purchasing it for your small apartment. This commodity can heat up to 1500 sq ft of space. Moreover, you can easily clean this pellet stove. 


  • The Serenity pellet stove comes with automatic times and on-off settings.
  • Heat generation is up to 31,000 BTU.


  • The machine is quite user-friendly.
  • You can easily maintain and clean the product.
  • Auto-timers make this pellet stove entirely credible.


  • Hopper capacity of Serenity is much low at only 40lbs.

4. 4840 Vent Pellet Stove – Us Stove

4840 Vent Pellet Stove - Us Stove 

If you are searching the internet with the phrase “pellet stoves near me”, consider checking for the 4840 Vent pellet stove. It also has a compact design, and you can keep it in your small apartment. Moreover, this model can ensure you save a lot of money on your electricity bills.


  • The slow-burn mechanism present in the stove makes it highly efficient.
  • The Vent pellet stove comes with mountable hooks that allow you to attach it to the walls.


  • The slow-burning ability in Vent Pellet Stove makes it durable.
  • Ideal for small homes and high altitude dwelling.
  • Cheaper than similar products.


  • The presence of a blower fan makes it look a bit odd.

5. 5500M King Pellet Burner- US Stove

5500M King Pellet Burner- US Stove

If you are after a small pellet stove that comes with adjustable heat settings, the 5500M King pellet burner can be your pick. Although, it looks like a traditional pellet stove. There are certain modern features like the digital display and a circulatory fan.


  • The 5500M King stove comes with a five-point heat adjustable knob.
  • The circulatory fan is present adjacent to the burner that helps the stove to warm things quickly.


  • Multiple warranty plans are present for this product.
  • Novice users can use it due to easy handling procedures.
  • The pellet stove does not wobble due to the presence of a semi-wide base.


  • This is the smallest pellet stove among many, but it weighs 250 pounds.
  • No wireless controller is present with the stove.

6. HP22SS Pellet Stove- Comfortbilt

HP22SS Pellet Stove- Comfortbilt

The HP22SS pellet stove from Comfortbilt is a new product from the brand. It is a modern stove that comes with some modern features. So, you can expect to heat up your room within a few seconds.


  • Dual settings for heating like manual and automatic are present in this commodity.
  • It has an output of 50,000 BTU that can heat up to 2800 sq ft. 
  • This stove gives you the chance to regulate temperature, schedule, heat output, and many more.


  • Compact design with outstanding efficiency.
  • Ideal for small and big houses.
    The wide glass screen makes it an ideal light source.
  • It comes with one year warranty.


  • The outer coating can flake out with time.
  • The machine might wobble at times.

7. GW 1949 Wisweway Pellet Stove- US Stove Company

GW 1949 Wisweway Pellet Stove- US Stove Company

The GW 1949 Wiseweway is a pallet stove that is quite small in size but looks completely different from other products on this list. It is a small stove with a zigzagging vent which improves its functionality. So, you can expect to get proper burn time with it. 


  • The Wiseweway pallet stove is EPA certified.
  • It generates nearly 40,000 BTUs while running continuously.
  • The Hopper capacity of the stove is almost 60 lbs.


  • Excellent hopper capacity.
  • Ideally heats large spaces.
  • Completely noiseless while at operation.


  • Machine to be kept in vacuum while not in use.

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8. Wood Pellet Stove- Deari Serenity

Wood Pellet Stove- Deari Serenity

The smallest pellet stove list will remain incomplete if it does not contain the Deari Serenity wood pellets for heating. Well, it is a high-functioning model with many modern features. Moreover, you would be amazed to know its size is only 646 sq ft.


Four smart heating levels come with the Deari Serenity model.

The automatic mode is also present on the wood pellet stove of Deari Serenity.

A stable foothold is also present in Deari Serenity that reduces the chances.


  • Fit for small places.
  • A slow-burning mechanism makes the machine durable.
  • Provides up to 85% heat efficiency.


  • The device cleaning process can be tough.

9. Medium Pellet Stove- Pleasant Hearth

Medium Pellet Stove- Pleasant Hearth

The medium pellet stove is yet another product from Pleasent Hearth. It has multiple similarities with the product described above of the same brand. However, people eagerly purchase it due to the outlooks. The Medium Pellet Stove can heat up to 1750 sq ft.


  • The machine comes with top-notch temperature settings.
  • Produces 35000 BTUs and gives out high heat efficiency.



  • Overall a bulky commodity

 10. BCPS500BL Pellet Stove- Bosca

BCPS500BL Pellet Stove- Bosca

The  BCPS500BL pellet stove from Bosca comes with some extraordinary features. It is tactically designed for smaller residences. The best thing about the pellet stove from Bosca is its burn time. IT can intake up to 60-70 pounds of pellet and burn till 53 hours.


  • The  BCPS500BL Bosca pellet stove is made with durable products.
  • An integrated fan is present in this machine that enhances the heating.
  • The integrated fan comes with a dual-speed that gives you mild and intense heat.


  • Best pellet stove when it comes to holding capacity.
  • Highly durable and user-friendly.
  • The integrated fan remains on the easy access.


  • Poor availability of the spare parts.

Frequently Asked Questions:-

Q1. What Is The Smallest Pellet Stove Available?

Ans: If you are concerned about ‘what is the smallest pellet stove available?’ you can get the answer here. The Osburn 2500 is the pellet stove available in the market. However, it has only 51 hours of burn time.

Q2. Can I Put A Pellet Stove In My Camper?

Ans: Yes, you can put a pellet stove in your camper but proper care is always necessary. You should always maintain the right procedure while installing the machine and use it responsibly.

Q3. How Much Space Does A Pellet Stove Need?

Ans: A pellet stove would need space according to its dimensions. So, you need to check it while purchasing the machine. Moreover, you should check for an inch or two space from the wall.

Q4. Can You Vent A Pellet Stove Straight Out A Wall?

Ans: Yes, you can vent a pellet stove either vertically or horizontally from a wall. Avoid using dryer vent pipe, PVC pipe, gas vent pipe for venting purposes. However, you can use the stovepipe that comes with the commodity.

The Closing Thoughts

The smallest pellet stove can become your best friend in case you live in a place having chili winters. Therefore, always try to look for the best commodity and purchase it. Moreover, you can compare the enlisted products here to others. This can help you to finalize a commodity and invest in it.

If you are about to purchase a pellet stove soon, do not forget to check its features, price, and EPA certifications. Furthermore, talk with the company regarding installation charges too. In some companies, you might get free installation services, while there are some charges in others.

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