What Does A Business Development Manager Do?

What Does A Business Development Manager Do?

If you wish to ask “what does a business development manager do?”, then it’s pretty easy. They are managers assisting in facilitating growth prospects for businesses and the individuals who work for them. To promote corporate growth and accomplish organizational objectives, they build business development plans. It’s critical to educate yourself about the business development manager career path if you’re interested in this position.

If you want further details regarding the profession, such as expected salaries and typical qualifications, keep on reading.

Who Is A Business Development Manager?

Who Is A Business Development Manager?

BDM, or a Business Development Manager, is an important member of the go-to-marketing (GTM) team. They are in charge of compiling lists of sales leads and making presentations to these prospects in order to increase the company’s clientele.

They aid in advancing prospects from the top of the sales funnel to the objective of becoming a paid client, to use sales jargon. Many business skills, such as project management, strategic planning, and effective negotiating, are used in the business development function.

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Why Become A Business Development Manager?

If you like to socialize and network with professionals in the industry, then this job can be perfect for you. In addition to networking, you also have to be curious about how to make and implement various sales tactics. Therefore, if you like to be a part of a growing business and make substantial efforts in seeing it grow, then this will be a suitable career choice for you. 

Business Development Manager Average Salary

According to PayScale, business development managers made an average pay of almost $75,000 per annum in July 2020. The average wage for the least 10% of earners was $40,000, while the average salary for the top 10% was $125,000. The majority of business development managers’ remuneration packages are made up of a basic salary and commission.

What Does A Business Development Manager Do?

What Does A Business Development Manager Do?

The roles and functions of a business development manager are:

  • Create business goals and create a strategy for the company to follow.
  • Developing new target market initiatives that must take place.
  • Search for clients in the market and get the business running.
  • Connect with potential leads and help them navigate through your sales processes.
  • Chart proposals and estimates for clients.
  • Training employees to make them perform better.
  • Participating in various conferences and other industry events. 

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Best Business Development Manager Skills

Best Business Development Manager Skills

There are four essential skills that you require for becoming a successful Business Development Manager. They are:

1. Effective Communication Skills

A business development head should be pretty fluent and confident in speaking with customers and clients from all businesses. This includes global clients that speak different languages and come from different socioeconomic backgrounds and cultures.

2. Time Management Skills

A business development manager must know what effective time management is. This is because there are many business opportunities arising every day, along with new clients coming in too. Therefore, you must effectively manage your schedule and set your alarm in that way. 

3. Organizational Skills

As a business development manager, you should have great organizational skills. This includes the ability to manage different business projects and clients at the same time. This can be hectic for newer managers because many such client meetings can take on-site and off-site as well. Therefore, maintaining deadlines and more is essential in organizing yourself. 

4. Technical Skills

Modern businesses make use of a CMS (Content Management System) to manage the content of their business websites. These CMS platforms also help these businesses to take care of their client interactions and business leads. In addition, using such systems will help you oversee all the stages of your product life cycle as well.

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How To Become A Business Development Manager?

How To Become A Business Development Manager?

If you wish to become a business development manager, then there are some qualifications you need to have. They are as follows:

1. Get The Right Education

While a bachelor’s degree in business administration, management, accounting, finance, communications strategies, and other closely related disciplines are prerequisites for employment as a business development manager.

You may acquire the information and skills necessary to succeed in your job by enrolling in this degree program. Before graduating from certain college programs, students must do an internship, which can help them obtain experience before they leave school.

2. Gain Experience In Relevant Fields

Having prior sales experience is beneficial. As an entry-level retail sales associate, for instance, one of your duties can be to assist consumers as they make purchasing decisions all the way up to the point of sale. Your duties as an outside sales representative role can involve approaching potential customers, obtaining new client accounts, and giving product demonstrations.

Successful negotiating, corporate management, and strategic planning are other essential areas of experience. Consider attending courses to complement practical knowledge and acquire advanced sales concepts and tactics.

3. Develop Your Technical Skill Sets

Project management, using Microsoft 365, and using search engines are examples of technical abilities that may help someone succeed as a business development manager.

You could discover that having specific training in cybersecurity and data analytics provides you an advantage as a business development manager given the growing requirement for safe information systems and the robust use of data to influence choices in firms.

Additionally, particularly in bigger firms, learning customer relationship management (CRM) software might help you get ready for a job as a business development manager.

4. Your Resume Represents You

Before submitting applications for positions as a business development manager, adjust your CV to this particular role. This may persuade a recruiting manager to arrange an interview with you.

Highlight important technical talents, such as the business software you use, as well as soft skills, such as communication, relationship management, and problem-solving, while conducting interviews.

Be prepared to discuss how you’ve driven success in past employment by utilizing these talents. You may get ready for a job as a business development manager by taking these actions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Here are my answers to some frequently asked questions regarding what does a business development manager do:

Q1. What Does A Business Development Manager Do On A Daily Basis?

Ans. A Business Development Manager is responsible for doing a lot of things on a daily basis. This includes finding new avenues for business expansion, finding more networking opportunities, and conducting in-depth market research. 

Q2. Is BDM A Sale Job?

Ans. BDM, a sales abbreviation, typically refers to a business development manager. BDMs engage in outbound sales, contacting cold or previously qualified prospects to nudge them toward making a purchase.

Q3. How To Be A Better Business Development Manager?

Ans. You can be a better business development manager by:

➡ Have the mindset of a businessman.
➡ Be dedicated.
➡ Know your customer base.
➡ Keep your marketing strategy in your mind always.


So, what does a business development manager do?

A job as a business development manager can be of interest to you if you enjoy strategic planning, defining and achieving objectives, and interacting with individuals both inside and outside of your firm. You will find leads, present proposals to interested clients, and cultivate connections with clients and coworkers of the sales team. Business development is essential to an organization’s expansion.

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