Which Of The Following Is True About Energy Drinks And Mixers

Which Of The Following Is True About Energy Drinks And Mixers

Which Of The Following Is True About Energy Drinks And Mixers:

  1. Carbonation generally shows the rate of alcohol absorption 
  2. A sweet taste can hide the taste of alcohol 
  3. Caffeine helps keep the person aware of how intoxicated he or she is
  4. All of the above? 

The right answer is A sweet taste can hide the taste of alcohol. 


Do you want to know why it is the right answer among all the other ones? Energy drinks are made using caffeine and other drugs. These elements can cause mental, physical stimulation. Whether it is carbonated or not, most of them might obtain taurine, sweeteners, amino frugs, and herbal infusion. 

It is known to most people that alcohol has a bitter, unpleasant, and sour taste. However, most people do not prefer the alcohol taste. So, they try to mix the alcohol with other drinks to hide the taste and smell of alcohol. 

Now that you know the correct answer of which of the following is true about energy drinks and mixers, let’s find out why the other options are incorrect. 

Why Are Other Options Incorrect? 

As mentioned above, most people like to mix the alcohol with other drinks to avoid the bitter smell and taste of the alcohol. The caffeine content and carbonation content provide a negative impact that stays unchanged even when mixed with other beverages. Some of the most common drinks that are mixed with alcohol include: 

  • Cranberry juice 
  • Sparkling water
  • Iced tea
  • Energy drinks 
  • Aerated drinks 

As different people have various taste choices, the choice is an individual choice to choose fluids to mix with alcohol. However, alcohol has a very high sugar content that can create a negative impact when mixed with other drinks. In addition, the fat storage in them can cause obesity and lead to other conditions as well. 

Although, alcohol is mainly mixed with different mixers to hide the bitter taste. But there are some other cocktails, the taste of which cannot be hidden with other drinks. The taste of these alcohols, like Martinis, and others are pure alcohol. 

Mixers For Alcohol 

Mixers For Alcohol 

Whether you are looking for a quick chaser or mixed drink, you have to choose the best mixers. You will need to choose the best one that goes with your taste and stick with that particular drink. However, chances are very high that you will make a change at some point. Here are some of the mixers that are mostly taken with alcohol. 

1. Coca-Cola

When it comes to having drinks to mix with alcohol, soda-based drinks always become the best choice. This drink is mostly paired with vodka to hide the alcohol taste. In addition, the fizzy taste of the coca-cola helps to distract and mask the taste of vodka. Coca-Cola is a trendy drink that is commonly taken with alcohol by a lot of people. 

2. Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry Juice 

Cranberry is a favorite choice of many people to couple with vodka. It helps to provide an excellent and delicious taste, which makes it unique. Apart from bars, cranberry drinks are also mixed with alcohol at home. So, to alcohol with a plain taste, the cranberry juice adds a perfect blend. 

3. Iced Tea

You can go wrong with other drinks and mixers, but it is impossible to get the wrong blend with iced tea. So, if you are not able to find the right mixture or are confused about the mixer drink, this is the perfect and easy choice for you. If you want to get an adventurous drink, then mixing ice tea with fruit flavor helps to make the drink much spicier. 

4. Fruit Juice 

Fruit Juice 

When other drinks might fail to amaze you, this is the one drink that will ensure that you get the perfect taste with alcohol. Fruit juices like orange juice, apple juice, pineapple juice, and others are often taken with vodka and other drinks. However, there are endless fruit juice options available that you can choose from with alcohol. 

You can choose the best fruit juice based on your likings and flavor. Most of the flavors go very well with the different alcohols. Simply mix the right amount of drink with the alcohol, and you are good to go.

5. Lemonade 

Lemonade is one of the common drinks that is chosen to go with vodka. It is one of the names that come to mind of every alcohol lover. This is because it never fails to fit well with different alcohols. However, some alcohol might not work well with lemonade as it can decline the effect of the alcohol. But if you like the tangy taste of lemonade, then you can mix it with the vodka. 

6. 7 Up

7 Up

If you want to taste some lime flavor but do not like lemonade, you can try the 7 Up. It is used by many people to mix with soda and other alcohol. 

Want to find out what happens when alcohol and sugar mixes?

Alcohol and Sugar – A Deadly Mix 

Alcohol and Sugar - A Deadly Mix 

Have you ever questioned yourself why the sick feeling develops after alcohol consumption? That happens because alcohol contains a lot of poisonous substances. Most of them make the body depleted of minerals and essential vitamins, dehydrated, and produce many nasty by-products. 

When the body is fighting to make this right, imagine what will happen to your body when you add a lot of sugar to it. But the sad thing is this is what most of the consumers are using as a combination with alcohol. A soft drink and complex liquid can make the situation very bad and toxic for people. Carbohydrate is needed for the human body for energy. But when it comes in an excessive amount, it gets transferred as fat. 


You can get the answer of “which of the following is true about energy drinks and mixers:” along with an explanation. Go through the article to find out more about how it works, which are the most used drinks to take. It will help you to know more about the sweet taste and alcohol combination.

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