Which Targeting Option Is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness?

Which Targeting Option Is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness

Q. Which Targeting Option Is Best For Achieving Brand Awareness?

  • Option 1. In-Market 
  • Option 2. Custom Intent 
  • Option 3. Affinity
  • Option 4. Remarketing 

The correct answer of “which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness?” is the 3rd option, Affinity. Want to find out why this one is the right answer among all the other ones? Here is the explanation is given below to help you know the details. 


Brand awareness is an essential part of your business that helps to increase the positive associations and notoriety of your services and products. The target of awareness campaigns is to reach a vast audience on the most relevant websites. You have the option to tailor your message a lot more with the audience targeting. 

Affinity audiences help you to reach people through interests, passions, and habits. Custom intent in-market, audiences, and remarketing are very important to consider or drive actions. However, before implementing it in your business, you need to know a lot more about it. Here are some of the things given below that will help you to learn more about affinity audiences. 

What Are Affinity Audiences? 

Affinity Audiences

Back in 2014, Google introduced this feature to advertisers to help them target audiences. It allowed them to reach the specific audience that you are trying to achieve. You have to choose the target audience based on keyword searches, visits, and many other things. For both large and small businesses, affinity audiences became a very favorite prospect. It helped them to support the top objectives and reach potential customers easily. 

Another thing that you need to know is the custom affinity audiences. These are the audiences that allow you to create your own affinity audience. You can create it based on URLs, keywords, interests, apps, and others. This is most useful when you are not satisfied with the results Google provides. Google offers some specifically tailored affinity audiences. However, you can try out the custom affinity if you do not like the results from Google. 

So, affiliate marketing ensures that your ads are shown to the right people and improves your campaign based on that. Some of the important goals that you can achieve with the help of affiliate marketing include increasing the reach of the advertisement, boost brand awareness, and address all the marketing needs. 

How To Create Affinity Audiences? 

Create Affinity Audiences 

Affinity audiences are mostly used for video campaigns and display campaigns. However, it can be used for all the different types of ad types. Google suggests using them helps to provide extra value. They help to increase brand awareness and create the marketing funnel very well. Here is the process that you can follow to set up the affinity audiences easily. 

  • To set up the affinity audiences, you have to create a new campaign. First, log in with the login credentials of the account that you want to use. Now, you have to create campaigns from the left corner of the menu. You will get a plus button there; click on that to start a brand new project. 
  • On the next page, you will get a lot of goals available for the campaign, such as display, smart, search, video, shopping, and discovery. Choose the best-suited ad campaign subtype and choose the campaign mode from the smart display, Gmail, and standard display campaign. 
  • After that, you will need to give a name to your campaign and set the location, bidding, languages, budget, and others. Next, you will need to create the ad group
  • Give a name to your ad group and scroll down through the menu to find the audience section. This is the place where you will discover affinity audiences. There are three different tabs available such as browse, ideas, and search. You have to go to the browse tab and choose the audience list you are looking for. 
  • In many types, you will also find subtypes that you can choose for better targeting. 

Now that you know “which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness” and how to create it, you can start using it for better and targeted results. 

Custom Affinity Audiences 

Custom Affinity Audiences 

We have already talked about custom affinity audiences. It is the option that you can choose if the predetermined goals by Google are not up to the mark for you. It helps to prevent the high money spending on broad affinity audiences determined by Google. 

You have the option to manage the ads and shorten the goal. In short, you can get better budget-friendly results with a custom affinity audience. Here are some benefits of the custom affinity audiences that you need to know. 

Custom Affinity Audiences Benefits 

Custom Affinity Audiences Benefits

Apart from allowing you to customize your audience based on your requirements, there are many other benefits that you can get from the custom affinity audiences. Here are some of them given below in detail. 

  • With the help of custom affinity audiences, you will be able to use the URLs of the competitors. With the help of competitor’s web addresses, you can target the ideal and their customers. All the customers interested in the services or products of competitors will also be interested in yours. Picking customers from your rivals will help you get two steps ahead of them as they are losing customers
  • As the nature of custom affinity audiences is open-ended, you will get lots of configurations available at your fingertips. You can choose the best combination of URLs and keywords to find the best audience for the campaign. 
  • Custom affinity audiences provide better results as you are targeting specific customers based on keywords and interests. However, it also depends on how you are choosing the audiences for targeting. 


If you are here, you also want to find out the answer to which targeting option is best for achieving brand awareness. Here, you can get the right answer and the explanation that will help you know the details. Apart from that, some other information is given about the right answer to help you know more.

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